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Open Letter from Christian Leaders to the Prime Minister Concerning Vaccine Passport Proposals

If you are a leader in a church or a Christian organisation and you live in one of the four nations of the UK, please consider signing your name to this letter by completing the form below. We will send … Continue reading

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The Suicide of a Civilisation

By Anthony Esolen at Crisis Magazine: Suppose an anthropologist were asked, apart from the sound and fury of current politics, what were the signs of a dying culture, or a culture committing suicide? What might he respond, as following from … Continue reading

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Saint Charbel and Hagia Sophia

From Catholic Insight: The Muslims know how to pick their days. But, then, so does God. As mentioned a few days ago, for the first time in nearly a century, the ancient church of Hagia Sophia, one of the glories of … Continue reading

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Hagia Sophia: Turkic Fables vs. Historic Facts

By Raymond Ibrahim: Millions of Orthodox and other Christians around the world were either shocked, angered, and/or saddened to learn recently that Turkey has just approved the transformation of the Hagia Sophia museum—which was originally built, and for a millennium … Continue reading

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‘Cor ad cor loquitur’ – A Contemplation on the Papal Visit

Fr. Edmund Power OSB has written this deeply insightful article about Pope Benedict XVI’s coming visit to Great Britain under Cardinal Newman’s own motto, “cor ad cor loquitur” meaning “heart speaks to heart”…… and to us too. The relationship of … Continue reading

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