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‘This is a battle between Our Lord and the devil’: Doctor-nun slams forced vaccines, communism

By Ashley Sadler at LifeSiteNews: Religious sister, general surgeon, and U.S. Army veteran Sister Deirde Byrne, M.D. took the nation by storm last year when she appeared at the Republican National Convention in full religious habit to give a stirring … Continue reading

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A Triple Threat to Thwart a Triple Foe

From the Blue Army of Fatima Sister Lucia of Fatima helped formulate the simple Blue Army Pledge: CONSECRATION – PENANCE – DAILY PRAYER to challenge a triple foe: the WORLD, the FLESH and the DEVIL! Our Lady’s message was clear: … Continue reading

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Communist crackdown in China is “Beyond George Orwell’s Imaginings” — and It’s Only Getting Worse

Edward Pentin Blogs January 19, 2021: LONDON — A British political party report into human rights violations in China released last Thursday aims to show the true extent of state-sponsored abuses of millions of Chinese citizens and argues for international … Continue reading

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POPE PIUS XII – and the character assassination by those who really were Hitler’s allies

We thank our loyal reader and commentator, who goes under the name Crow here, for this enlightening article on the evil machinations of the communists to blacken the name of this “good and holy man”. The article was first published … Continue reading

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The Jesuits officially embrace Communism

From  Rorate Caeli: When your once-great religious order is dying, and the face of your magazine is James Martin, LGBTSJ, you may as well jump off the cliff. America magazine, the journal of the U.S. Jesuits, has just published an essay by its Toronto … Continue reading

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There is a good explanation for the hatred shown towards the Catholic Church in some circles: this hatred is essentially drawn from a deep rooted fear that the Church speaks to human hearts in a way that the cold theories … Continue reading

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