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Catholic conscientious objector blasts Francis in open letter VATICAN CITY, ChurchMilitant.com: A soldier who quit the Pontifical Swiss Guard as a conscientious objector to forced vaccination has penned a searing exposé uncovering the Vatican’s double standards in coercing guardsmen to receive the … Continue reading

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The Vaccine Post (Part 1)

CP&S comment: This is probably, for many, the most disconcerting article that we have posted on the COVID-19 vaccine to date. It is written by Lawrence England, an active pro-life Catholic blogger, ‘That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill’. … Continue reading

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If we force midwives to assist an abortion against their conscience we are no better than the Taliban.

By Cristina Odone   You shouldn’t be forced to reject a deep-felt belief (Photo: Alamy) Two midwives have been forced to assist in abortion procedures, despite their pleading that this went against their religious beliefs. The two women – both midwifery … Continue reading

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