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Bishop Schneider: Never before have the demons been so active

From Gloria TV: At present, demonic forces have increased to such an extent that we find ourselves in a spiritual battle whose magnitude surpasses anything we have ever seen before, says Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a video about the angels. … Continue reading

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The Secret Knowledge of Catholic Exorcists Compiled Into A New Book

A book review from uCatholic: Saint Peter tells us: “The devil prowls like a roaring lion, seeking to devour.” Our reality is that of an ancient and ongoing spiritual war, the Evil One always working towards his singular goal. Satan … Continue reading

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How an Amazon Pagan Rite Brought 48 Years of Demonic Torment, Until Christ Freed Me

By Edward Pentin at the National Catholic Register: In 1968, Jane Porter, a British Catholic, was living as an undergraduate student in Brazil but after contracting an illness, she fell victim to a “false” healing carried out by an indigenous, … Continue reading

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Do Not Be A Coward: Say “No” to Harry Potter Books and Movies

 It takes courage to swim against the powerful tide of secular permissiveness where everything goes, bar, (do we need to add?) Catholic Christian moral teaching. It has long been reported on real Catholic sites that the Harry Potter phenomenon, despite wide popularity, contains an … Continue reading

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