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Is the Mass “Just” the Mass?

By Peter Kwasniewski In my life, I have often encountered people who say something like the following to Catholics who love the traditional liturgy—or, for that matter, who wish to see the modern liturgy celebrated in a manner manifestly in … Continue reading

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A Reply to the Discouraged Seminarian: There Are 6,000 Reasons to Remain Catholic

CP&S comment. On May 19th we published a disturbing testimony from 1Peter5 by an unnamed seminarian who was about to leave the seminary due to his total disillusionment with the current state of the Church. Finding no point anymore in … Continue reading

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On Correcting Deviant Liturgical Customs

from: http://www.ccwatershed.org/blog/ by Dr. Peter Kwasniewski N MY LAST BLOG, I talked about the phenomenon, quite common today, of those who would delay or oppose the correction of liturgical abuses or imperfections because they feel that people’s feelings will be hurt or that they will … Continue reading

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