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Pope Francis demands global tyranny and offers his services as chaplain to our oligarchy

By John Zmirak at The Stream: In case anyone was still fooling himself on the subject, Pope Francis is not “apolitical,” not a figure who “transcends left and right.” In fact, I’m driven to ask if he is really a … Continue reading

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Gaia, false gods and public policy

By George Weigel at First Things: I claim no expertise in climate science. I do claim a certain competence in detecting spin in the media; for I’m a card-carrying member of that clan, as I’ve committed print journalism for more … Continue reading

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Pope Francis mourns melted glacier in Iceland, a nation proud of ‘eradicating’ Downs babies

From LifeSiteNews; Iceland, which aborts nearly 100 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, has held a funeral for a glacier. The glacier, known as Okjökull or “Ok,” covered 6.2 square miles in 1890. However, by 2012, it had shrunk to … Continue reading


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The Amazon Synod Goes Native

By William Kilpatrick at Crisis Magazine: Every now and then, the utopians in our midst dust off Rousseau’s Noble Savage thesis and try to convince us that life in the jungle beats life in the air-conditioned suburbs. The general idea … Continue reading

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