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“Cancelled” Priests, but Pope Francis Looks the Other Way

CP&S comment. That is exactly what is happening in the Church under the Francis papacy: a large number of good priests, faithful priests, priests who refuse to either omit or dilute Catholic magisterial teachings, and whose only concern is to … Continue reading

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St Peter’s Basilica, Like a Museum Without Holy Masses in Side Altars

CP&S comment – The sudden order last week cancelling all celebrations of the Traditional Latin Mass in St Peter’s Basilica has caused a shockwave of both sadness and indignation throughout the Catholic world, and whose repercussions we are still hearing. … Continue reading

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Is Survival Mode all we have now?

Father Z has asked his readers to share this post below, and because his insights are germane to issues of vital importance to the Church in current times, we are happy to oblige. No one can give what they don’t … Continue reading

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In Defence of the Great Father Z

COMMENT It is now common knowledge: the famous and immensely popular traditional American priest, Fr John Zuhlsdorf (better known as Father Z) has been reprimanded, and then ousted from his diocese, by his bishop, Bp. Hying, for performing exorcisms for … Continue reading

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Persecution of Traditional Catholics will accelerate

It is a fact: the trend toward an outright persecution of traditional Catholics – those who live faithfully by all the teachings and precepts of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church – is not only continuing, but accelerating. Liberal-minded … Continue reading

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Prayer For Enemies – Part III

Father Z has been under a vicious attack recently from some pretty nasty people who resent his traditional Catholicism: his love of the Traditional Latin Mass, his defence of the unborn, the family, true marriage between one man and one … Continue reading

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Need some inspiration for Lent?

This Lent as in previous years Father John Zuhlsdorf  will offer daily “LENTCAzTS” throughout the penitential season. In fact the first one begins today. Here’s Father Z introducing the 2013 lenten audio reflections himself: With this audio offering, I am … Continue reading

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Fr Z on Attachment to Sin, Indulgences and You

In the unlikely event that you haven’t yet discovered Fr Z’s blog, it’s high time to check it out. Meanwhile here’s an example of the sound and helpful teaching you can find on WDTPRS: As I write it is All … Continue reading

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Ecumenism is not compromise, says the Holy Father

In a November 18 address to members of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, Pope Benedict XVI underlined the importance of ecumenical work, yet cautioned that ecumenism cannot be seen as a political effort. The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity, … Continue reading

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Can’t do their job: new Michael Voris video

Some of you will be already acquainted with Michael Voris. He is one of those extremely outspoken religious commenters uniting an undoubted Catholic orthodoxy with affirmations of shocking harshness which, if taken out of context, could even seem to invite … Continue reading

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