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A MAJOR VICTORY: Heroes and Patriots Sacrifice Everything for Freedom 

Written by Michael J. Matt | Editor New from Remnant TV… From Djokovic to Enes Kanter Freedom, from Father Mawdsley to Father Anthony Hannon, from Tamara Lich to all the truckers — I don’t see any defeat.  Yes, they’re clearing … Continue reading

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The Strength Afforded by the Priestly Habit

by David Martin at The Daily Knight A marked feature of the post-Vatican II Church is that priests have lost their spiritual strength and have been lured into a host of silly endeavors, a principal reason being that they’ve allowed … Continue reading

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Below we post a video from THE REMNANT that all orthodox Catholics should listen to and heed. While it could be argued that the documents of the Second Vatican Council themselves neither called for nor endorsed the sacrilegious changes in … Continue reading

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Devastating Latest Results from Pew Research on Catholics’ Belief in the Real Presence

But are we really surprised? Haven’t the last 50 plus years of bad catechesis and community-focused, badly celebrated Novus Ordo Masses been a consistent undermining of the Real Presence of the Body, Blood Soul and Divinity of Christ’s Presence in the … Continue reading

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Traditional Catholics bewildered; Pope Benedict’s direction ignored

By Martina Moyski at Church Militant: Catholics must now recycle their old missals and get a revised, current edition of the Italian missal that includes changes to the Gloria and the Lord’s Prayer. President Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti announced that Pope … Continue reading

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A symbol of our times

Franz von Rohden – Crucifixion The Herald reports that a work of art, hailed as a masterpiece by experts, was hung in a chapel at Ushaw until the 1970s, when it was put in cupboard (no doubt replaced by something … Continue reading

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