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These Saints Had Visions of Heaven and Hell and Revealed What They Saw

During their lifetimes, some saints were given a peek into the happiness of heaven and the horrors of hell. Correggio, “Assumption of the Virgin,” Cathedral of Parmaby Joseph Pronechen  One of the earliest saints to receive a firsthand glimpse into … Continue reading

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What Ten Saints Said Before Going to Heaven

The pursuit of true happiness is always linked to the Cross, which the sublime last words of Saint Andrew the Apostle express so well. “I know the virtue of Thy Holy Cross.” The Latin adage grasps reality so well, talis vita, … Continue reading

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Final Blessing

The following comes from an article by Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, spiritual director of our Holy Souls Sodality. As members of the Holy Souls Sodality, our ultimate goal is to empty out Purgatory and send all souls to Heaven. When … Continue reading

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Do dogs go to heaven?

Dominican Cloister, Prague, image credit: Matěj Baťha, Wikimedia One would hope that there will be plenty of “God’s Dogs” in heaven, but what about the standard variety? A surprising and, perhaps welcome, consequence of the doctrine of the resurrection of … Continue reading

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Save us in the hour of our death, and bring all souls to heaven

Have you noticed that, when someone dies, the platitudes all assume that the deceased has gone straight to heaven? Regardless of religion or lack of it; whatever the known misbehaviour of the deceased? This ubiquitous belief in a better life … Continue reading

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