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What Francis sees as a cure, JP II and Benedict XVI saw as a disease

By George Neumayr at The American Spectator: Pope Francis, who belongs to the Jesuit order, periodically meets with Jesuit magazine editors to discuss the direction of the Church. These interviews are invariably newsworthy. In 2013, he made headlines after telling Jesuit editors … Continue reading

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Catholics call on Jesuit Order to censure Fr. James Martin over desecration of Mary with LGBT rainbow halo

CP&S comment – On 30th January we published a post denouncing this notorious priest’s blasphemous action in defacing the much-revered Polish icon of the Virgin and Child with the symbol of the LGBTQ lobby. activists. Martin’s obsessive promotion of homosexuality … Continue reading

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How Satan Could Have Used Amoris Laetitia to Convince Eve to Sin

Maike Hickson at Catholic Family News: Don Alfredo M. Morselli, an Italian theologian and parish priest, has kindly sent to Catholic Family News a spoof (or piece of satire) he has written, imaging how the infernal Serpent would argue with Eve in … Continue reading

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Is It a Sin to Be White?

by Francis Lee on CRISIS MAGAZINE “To fight racism, Catholics must hunger for justice like we do for the Eucharist.” This was the headline of a joint editorial piece published on America, the Jesuit magazine, upon the aftermath of a week’s worth … Continue reading

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Dead silence from Church hierarchy on Fr. James Martin’s depiction of Jesus as a gay man

From LifeSiteNews: After Fr. James Martin, SJ posted a tweet featuring a painting drawn from a series of blasphemous homoerotic works depicting the life of Jesus as if he were a gay man, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in … Continue reading

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The following letter from Dr Robert Moynihan is a continuation of ‘A Surprise Encounter’ in which he describes a meeting with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano who has been in hiding since publishing his testimony of papal cover ups and calls … Continue reading

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The Jesuits officially embrace Communism

From  Rorate Caeli: When your once-great religious order is dying, and the face of your magazine is James Martin, LGBTSJ, you may as well jump off the cliff. America magazine, the journal of the U.S. Jesuits, has just published an essay by its Toronto … Continue reading

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