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Did You think the Council Fathers Created the Novus Ordo? Think Again!

Father Terrence Keehan, pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, Illinois, uses a guitar to give the final blessing at a Mass livestreamed on Feb. 13. (photo: Screenshot of YouTube video / Screenshot of YouTube video via CNA) From … Continue reading

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Latinmass.com to Double TLM Worldwide

By Jacob Tate on 1P5 The team behind the popular Mass of the Ages documentary trilogy has announced our plans to create an online platform designed to increase Latin Masses worldwide. The platform will host the popular “Mass of the Ages” documentary trilogy; stunning … Continue reading

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Shia LaBeouf Shows Bishop Barron the Heart of the Trad Movement

By T. S. Flanders on 1P5 Pope Benedict XVI said in 2007: It has clearly been demonstrated that young persons too have discovered this liturgical form [of the Latin Mass], felt its attraction and found in it a form of … Continue reading

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Francis: Grandmother of the West, invoked, to open the great circle and then blasts at “traditionalists”

From Fr Z’s blog: At The Catholic Thing there is a summary piece abooot Francis’ trip to Canadia.  It starts: “Well, that’s over.” You can read it there.  It paints a rather pathetic picture and darns with faint praise, the point being … Continue reading

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Dom Gueranger on the Mass of Holy Thursday and the Stripping of the Altars

The Church intends, on this day, to renew, in a most solemn manner, the mystery of the Last Supper: for our Lord Himself, on this occasion of the institution of the Blessed Sacrament, said to His Apostles: Do this for … Continue reading

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Mass attendance: It feels very much like a culling

August 24, 2020, LifeSiteNews: With pastors from areas such as Kentucky and Florida reporting Mass attendance numbers well below now-reduced church capacity, the role of faith – and fear – in the life of American Catholics is becoming increasingly clear. Father Andrew … Continue reading

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Bishop Schneider to Traditionalists: “You are the Real Ecclesiastical Periphery, Which With God’s Power Renews the Church.”

from: http://www.onepeterfive.com By OnePeterFive The Spanish-Language website, Adelante La Fe (Advance the Faith) obtained an exclusive interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, our favorite Catholic prelate in the world today, and a once (and hopefully future!) contributor to this website. The interview … Continue reading

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Kneeling Ban: Good Liturgy or Loss of Religious Freedom?

from: Homiletic & Pastoral Review.  http://www.hprweb.com/2015/07/  By Fr. Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap.Some religious leaders in the Latin Rite are pressuring Catholics not to kneel at the Consecration, or to genuflect at their reception of the Eucharist. This trend has gained … Continue reading

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How John Paul II Restored Liturgical Sanity

from: http://www.crisismagazine.com/ by Jeffrey Tucker We tend to think of the papacy of Benedict XVI as the papacy that put the Catholic liturgy back together again, turning the “hermeneutic of rupture” into the “hermeneutic of continuity.” Rarely receiving the credit … Continue reading

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Liturgical Diversity in the Third Millennium

The liturgy in the West, today, is far richer than that set forth in the liturgical books promulgated by Pope Paul VI. BY CHARLES G. MILLS In the 1970s, it was generally assumed that the liturgical reform, called for by Vatican … Continue reading

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The need for Tradition and Progress in Liturgy

The liturgy lives from a constant relationship between tradition and progress, according to Benedict XVI. The Pope made this observation on May 6 when he addressed participants in the 9th International Congress on the Liturgy sponsored by the Pontifical Liturgical … Continue reading

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Kicking away the ladder

Shortly after I was born, an educationalist noticed that adults read in a peculiar way: we don’t actually read the letters in a word, or look at the word’s phonetic value, instead most adults look at a word, see its … Continue reading

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List of New Consultors for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments.

VATICAN CITY, NOV. 5, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI appointed 14 new consultors for the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments. A Vatican communiqué announced Wednesday the appointment of the following consultors: — Monsignor Jose Aparecido Goncalves de Almeida, undersecretary … Continue reading

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