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Wise Quotes from a Wise Pope

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The Path from St Pius X’s Pascendi to Satan’s Synodality is Paved with Compromise

By Robert Morrison at The Remnant: As Christopher Ferrara described in his 2009 article in The Remnant, Fatima and Akita: A Fateful Concurrence, we have good reason to believe that the (still hidden) Third Secret of Fatima includes “essentially the same” message … Continue reading

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A Message to Every Good Priest

From Padre Peregrino: Priests, now in 2021 is not the time for excuses, self-serving insularism or finagling excessive plans for the safety for one’s own priestly congregation or personal apostolate. Look, I like being in good standing too, but I … Continue reading

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How Vatican II elevated worshippers’ ‘active participation’ above worship of God

By Peter Kwasniewski at LifeSiteNews: Historian Yves Chiron, in his bestselling biography of Annibale Bugnini, notes the rising popularity of a phrase—today more likely to elicit the rolling of eyes—that was bandied about in the 1950s and 1960s: The “active … Continue reading

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Little Nellie Craved a Kiss From Someone Who Had Just Received the Eucharist

From Mary’s blog * In 1906 Ireland, a toddler nicknamed ‘Little Nellie’ was dying tragically from TB in a Catholic convent. But she had the spunk to suggest a barter to her statue of the Infant of Prague: “Jesus, if … Continue reading

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Pope Pius X

from: http://www.traditionalcatholicpriest.com/2013/09/02/pope-pius-x/ Quotes of Pope Pius X: “Progress” of dogmas is, in reality, nothing but corruption of dogmas … I absolutely reject the heretical doctrine of the evolution of dogma, as passing from one meaning to another, and different from … Continue reading

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Little Nellie of Holy God

For those readers who have never heard of this little girl, I would like to draw your attention to her. She only lived for four and a half years, but her story was so moving, that it inspired Pope Pius … Continue reading

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