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Yes, You Can Morally Object to a COVID Vax and Still Take Aspirin

By Elizabeth Nemati at The Stream: Requesting a religious exemption from a COVID-19 vaccine is now on the to-do list for many Americans. One Arkansas hospital recently made this more difficult. Lots of employees objected to getting the COVID vaccination because the … Continue reading


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Are Catholics Eligible for COVID Vaccine Religious Exemptions?

By Eric Sammons at Crisis Magazine: Steve, a Catholic husband and father, is the sole breadwinner for his family. His wife stays at home to care for their four children while he works in sales for a large corporation. Recently, his … Continue reading

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A letter from the bishops of Colorado on COVID-19 vaccine mandates

We, the Catholic bishops of Colorado, consistent with our previous letters on COVID-19 vaccines, affirm that the use of some COVID-19 vaccines is morally acceptable under certain circumstances. Throughout the pandemic we have cooperated with the various secular authorities and encouraged Catholics … Continue reading

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