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The Credo of the Catholic Democrats

They issue a declaration of independence from Church teaching. By George Neumayr from The American Spectator: Almost 60 Catholic Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives recently released a statement declaring their “principles.” The statement is a classic illustration of modern liberalism’s … Continue reading


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To all bishops and priests about Communion for manifest sinners from St. John Chrysostom

From Fr Z’s blog with his emphases: “I speak not only to the communicant, but also I say to the priest who ministers the Sacrament: Distribute this gift with much care. There is no small punishment for you, if being conscious of any … Continue reading

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Picking up the Thread of the Narrative

  By Swiss Nuncio Archbishop Thomas Gullickson from his blog ad montem myrrhae: No small number of Catholics are deeply troubled by stories coming out of this period of repression of public church life, which has left most of our … Continue reading

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As Masses open up, priests told to DROP Hosts onto hands; Communion on the tongue is banned

From Fr Z’s blog: As public Masses start up again, people are sending notes with indications from different dioceses about distribution of Holy Communion. Under the excuse of being “realistic” and so forth, chanceries are writing for their bishops – … Continue reading

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