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Bishop Vitus Huonder: My journey to the SSPX

(Part 1 of “The Great Wound”)

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Amoris Laetitia: a Ticking Moral Time Bomb

By Richard Spinello at Crisis Magazine: On June 22, the Vatican will host the World Meeting of Families, which will showcase the “Amoris Laetitia Family.” When asked about whether this new model of the family includes LGBTQ families and other “irregular” … Continue reading

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ON VACCINES & TYRANNY: FSSP Priest Defends the Catholic Position

New From RTV… Father Daniel Nolan of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter risks everything in order to speak Catholic truth to Globalist power. This outstanding sermon was pulled down by YouTube, of course, and we are posting it here … Continue reading

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MASS CONFUSION: Some Considerations on the Feared Modification of Summorum Pontificum

Editor’s Note: What follows is not just a series of considerations on the upcoming “reforms” of Summorum Pontificum. Rather it is a kind of Rosetta Stone that can help new recruits to Tradition crack the code long used by Modernists … Continue reading

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A Letter by Fr Cipolla in Response to Bp. Barron’s Criticism of Traditionalism

Dear Bishop Barron: I have written many Letters to the Editor in my lifetime to the New York Times and to the Wall Street Journal—bona fide credentials of my moderate and centrist persona—and now I feel compelled to write this … Continue reading

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We must not capitulate before this world, but recapitulate all things in Christ

An interview with the Superior General of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X on the pontificate of Pope Francis. [CP&S comment below] DICI: Reverend Father, it has been eight years since Pope Francis ascended the throne of Saint Peter, … Continue reading

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By Marco Tosatti: Dear Stilumcuriali, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has sent us this answer to an essay by Father Thomas Weinandy, which seems to us extremely interesting to evaluate the current situation of the Church, the roots of the crisis … Continue reading

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Bishop Schneider lists problems in Vatican II documents that lead to ‘relativism’

ASTANA, Kazakhstan, July 28, 2020, LifeSiteNews: The auxiliary bishop of Astana has called for the correction of texts promulgated by the Second Vatican Council that have led to “relativism.”  “I think that one day the Church should formally correct (expressions … Continue reading

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Priest apologizes to traditional Catholics: “The future of the Church is in her past.”

From Fr Z’s blog: From a priest… (my emphases) Dear Fr Z: I’ve just returned from France where, among other things, I took part in the Chartres Pilgrimage. After registering for the Pilgrimage, I discovered that the usus antiquor would be required … Continue reading

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What happened?

Video transcript: Since this is the 50th year anniversary of the start of the Second Vatican Council, we thought it might be helpful to review some misconceptions that have arisen as a result of people ascribing to Vatican II things … Continue reading

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Wednesday General Audience: Unity in the Body of Christ

(Vatican Radio) “The Church is not an charitable, cultural or political association, but a living Body, that walks and acts in history. And this Body has a head, Jesus, who guides, nourishes and supports it”, said Pope Francis Wednesday as … Continue reading

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Documents of Vatican II – clear as mud?

When Bishop Athanasius Schneider called for a “Syllabus of Errors” to clarify the documents of the Second Vatican Council, we blogged about it here. Now Michael Voris considers Cardinal Walter Kasper’s recent suggestion that these documents contained deliberate ambiguities:

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Wednesday General Audience: The liturgy is a school of prayer.

The Liturgy is the school of prayer where God Himself teaches us to pray. But in order to celebrate the Liturgy well, to really experience the re-enactment of Christ’s Paschal Mystery we must make our hearts God’s Altar and understand … Continue reading

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Interview with Cardinal Burke


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A Vatican II Catholic tells why he loves Mass

I couldn’t resist sharing this. I have heard so many quarrels of the merits and demerits of one rite or the other, and make no secret of my love of the ‘old’. As usual ‘Catholic Spirit’ (Archdioces of Minneapolis and … Continue reading

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