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9/11 Twenty years on – I escaped from the 80th floor of the North Tower, then it collapsed on me

From The Independent UK: In an extract from her memoir ‘Complicity, The United States v. The People of the United States’, Sharon Premoli shares her memory of the day the World Trade Center was attacked  You know what happened. Twenty … Continue reading

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French Priest: Deadly Knife Attack in Nice Should Spur Catholics in France to ‘Unite with Christ’

Despite the vehement attempts of the French authorities to deny the Catholic roots of their country, jihadists keep seeing Christianity as the core of the nation. By Solène Tadié at the National Catholic Register: “Please tell my children that I … Continue reading


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Funeral Held for Eight Christians Killed in Easter Procession in Nigeria 

Off-duty officer rams car into celebration of Resurrection. April 29, 2019 By the Nigeria Correspondent of Morning Star News: Hundreds of family members and sympathizers on Saturday (April 27) attended a funeral in northeastern Nigeria for eight young Christians, six of them … Continue reading

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