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A Closer Look at Francis’ Revision of the Lord’s Prayer, the Gloria

By David Martin As reported in late August, a new Italian missal featuring a revised Gloria and changes to the Lord’s Prayer will be mandatory for Italian celebrations of the Mass from Easter (April 4) 2021. https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2020/08/pope-gets-first-copy-of-italian-missal-translation/ Avvenire, a Milan-based Catholic newspaper … Continue reading

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Hallowed be Thy Name

The first petition of the Lord’s Prayer asks for God’s name to be hallowed – to be reverenced as holy. Pope Benedict, in explaining this, takes us back to the burning bush; to Moses’ encounter with God in the Sinai … Continue reading

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Who art in Heaven

As we finish the first line of the Lord’s Prayer, the question on my mind is why the locator? Why ‘in heaven’? Pope Benedict XVI says: This word ‘our’ also gives us the key to understanding the words that come … Continue reading

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As Jesus taught us, so we pray

My parish priest is fond of pointing out that St Benedict included the Lord’s Prayer three times in his Office for his monks; once in the morning, once in the evening, and once at Mass. This is the prayer that … Continue reading

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Praying for ourselves; praying for others

Here’s the second post in my series on prayer, started here. Petitionary prayer is asking prayer – and intercessory prayer is a subsection of this: a petition on behalf of someone else. When Jesus taught his disciples a prayer, it … Continue reading

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