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Francis has Stolen the Holy Catholic Mass from us AGAIN!

CP&S comment. Since the publication of ‘Traditionis custodes’, an Apostolic letter promulgated by (Pope) Francis on 16th July 2021 restricting the celebration of the Tridentine Mass, there has been an outcry of indignation from Catholics all over the world. The resurgence … Continue reading

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WHY FRANCIS WILL LOSE: Michael Matt on the History of Traditional Catholic Resistance 

From THE REMNANT In this RTV Special, Michael Matt is interviewed by the high school students of the Youth Apologetics organization. In the wake of Pope Francis’s crackdown on Traditional Catholics, the students ask Mr. Matt to go over the … Continue reading

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21 doctors tell bishops Communion on tongue ‘safer’ than in hand

June 26, 2020, LifeSiteNews: Twenty-one Austrian doctors have authored a letter appealing their country’s Bishops’ Conference to lift the de facto ban on receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, which has been enforced since Communion in the hand was announced … Continue reading

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The Change in the Liturgy: the real reason men fell away from the Church post-Vatican II

Nobody can deny that the exodus of Mass-attending Catholics from the Church in the wake of the changes applied after Vatican II (and very notably the exodus of men in particular) has been a disaster for families and the whole … Continue reading

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Bishop of Shrewsbury celebrates Tridentine Mass at Dome of Home

Today the Rt. Rev. Mark Davies, Bishop of Shrewsbury celebrated his first public Tridentine Mass and administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to a group of candidates at the Dome of Home. The liturgy at the landmark church of Ss Peter, … Continue reading

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A perspective on Franciscan humility in the liturgy

English Catholic recently posted this brilliant short piece on his blog: I am so fortunate to live in Hong Kong to be able to worship at a church where they have an unusually humble and inclusive form of liturgy at Mass.  There has … Continue reading

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The future is bright…for the Dome of Home in New Brighton

Father Simon Henry has good news about the development of Bishop Mark Davies’ plans for the beautiful church of Ss Peter and Paul on the Wirral. The church was closed in 2008 because it was deemed too large and expensive for its … Continue reading

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Kicking away the ladder

Shortly after I was born, an educationalist noticed that adults read in a peculiar way: we don’t actually read the letters in a word, or look at the word’s phonetic value, instead most adults look at a word, see its … Continue reading

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In Defence of Tradition – Bishop Salvador L. Lazo

As we approach the advent of the New translation of the Roman Missal, and mutterings arise regarding resistance to change, it behoves us to look back to times when changes were greeted with equal trepidation. One such time was the … Continue reading

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Feast of the Most Holy Name of Jesus

On this Feast of the Epiphany ( a somewhat ‘confusing’ Feast – since it was moved by our all-knowing Bishops -coming so shortly after Christmas!) I would like to remind you of a Feast formerly held on this day, and … Continue reading

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Monks new and old

Sincere, orthodox Catholics are all too frequently afflicted by the many signs of decadence and corruption that have contaminated – as so often in Her history: the Latin saying ecclesia semper reformanda is neither new nor without ground – a … Continue reading

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The “Catholic Herald” on the EF: a useful contribution

Excellent contribution from the “Catholic Herald” (also reported from Father Z) regarding the Extraordinary Form in the imminence of the completion of the three years assessment period. The author is Father Gary Dickson, parish priest, Sacred Heart and English Martyrs, … Continue reading

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