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The Vatican & The Medical-Industrial Complex, part 1

By Maureen Mullarkey at Studio Matters: The current drumbeat for universal vaccination with an experimental biological agent is unprecedented. It ought to be met with a certain reserve. Instead, it has been greeted with child-like trust and promoted by Pope … Continue reading


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The Tyranny of Communist China (World Over Live video)

STEVEN MOSHER, Asia expert, president of The Population Research Institute, and author of Bully of Asia discusses the state of US-China relations in the new Biden Administration, and the result of The World Health Organization’s (WHO) investigation of the origin … Continue reading

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2021 in the light of the Fatima Message and Right Reason

The following is the text from a video lecture by Professor De Mattei from the Lepanto Foundation […] 2021, in the Light of Our Lady of Fatima: “Light of Fatima, Light without shadows, Immaculate Light, Light of the Dawn arising: … Continue reading

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The Hand of God and the Hand of Men

by Roberto de Mattei at the LEPANTO FOUNDATION The international scenario in the spring of 2020 is new, unexpected, and dramatic. Confusion dominates because no one is able to truly say exactly what has happened: where the coronavirus came from, … Continue reading

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