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Interior of San Zaccaria (Venice) - choir and altar - ambulatory - St. Peter and the cock by Francesco Rosa

Catholicism Pure and Simple is for Catholics who love the Faith, for Christians who are well-disposed towards Catholicism, and for genuine enquirers.  We are orthodox yet open to constructive debate; we are serious in our approach yet we value a sense of humour; we aim to teach yet we are aware of our need to learn.

Catholicism Pure and Simple is a team blog. We are united in our love for God and the Church, which we strive to serve through our differing experiences and talents.  Any issues that arise are decided by reference to Catholic teachings. Matters open to individual preference are resolved by majority vote. For the members of the team currently actively posting on the blog, see the Authors list on the right hand side of the page.

We dedicate this blog solely to the glory of the Blessed Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, seeking the intercession of Our Lady and all the company of heaven.  If you share our objectives, or are at least respectful of them, you are most welcome.

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This form allows our readers to contact the editorial team if there are any issues that you wish to discuss “off-line”.

If you wish to propose an article for publication on the site, please add the proposed text in the box, below; formatting and illustrations will be added by a member of the editorial team. It is important to state the name under which you would like the article to appear. If you are already a registered WordPress user, please log in to submit your message. Please note that articles will be subject to our editorial policy:

  • All posts will be readable, accurate, and interesting. Facts will be correct, as will grammar, spelling, and punctuation;
  • Guest posts that are not faithful to Catholic dogma will be clearly marked as guest posts, and a counter post written to provide Catholic teaching – the counter-post may be included as an addendum to the guest post;
  • Posts that are blasphemous, libellous or that reference this sort of thing as fact will not be published.

You retain the copyright over any item that you choose to submit for publication, but by submitting a post you are giving us an unrestricted right to use your post. The editorial board will not entertain requests to remove posts once they have been published, however, a poster’s request to have their name removed from a post will always be complied with.

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