“Occupy Rome” Destroys Statue of Mary

This happened near the Lateran basilica during the “day of rage” on 16th. Oct. Reuters: Hundreds of hooded demonstrators clashed with police in some of the worst violence in the Italian capital for years, setting cars on fire and breaking shop and bank windows. Police repeatedly fired tear gas and water cannons in attempts to disperse protesters but the clashes with hard-core demonstrators continued hours after tens of thousands of people in Rome joined a global “day of rage” against bankers and politicians. Galvanised by the Occupy Wall Street movement, the protests began in New Zealand, rippled east to Europe and were expected to return to their starting point in New York. […] The violence at times resembled urban guerrilla warfare as protesters hurled rocks, bottles and fireworks at police, who responded by repeatedly charging the demonstrators. At least two demonstrators and 30 policemen were injured. The demonstration began peacefully but suddenly turned violent when hundreds of hooded radicals known as “black blocs”, who had infiltrated the group, set cars and bins on fire.

(Inquirer News Reported)
VATICAN CITY—The Vatican has condemned Saturday’s violent clashes in central Rome including an attack by protesters on a church in which a crucifix and a statue of the Virgin Mary were destroyed.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said he “condemned the violence and the fact that a church was desecrated by some protesters who broke in and destroyed some images.” He referred to the clashes in Rome as “horrific.”

The 18th-century church of Santi Marcellino and Pietro is near St John Lateran square where much of Saturday’s violence occurred.

“When I came down, I saw the entrance door had been smashed in,” the church’s parish priest, Father Giuseppe Ciucci, was quoted by Italian media as saying.

“The Virgin Mary’s statue, which was at the entrance, had been taken away and I saw it had been thrown into the street and smashed,” he said.

“I went into the sacristy and I saw the door there was also destroyed. The large crucifix at the entrance had been vandalized,” he added.

Hundreds of protesters torched cars, smashed banks and hurled rocks at police during the clashes. Tens of thousands of people had been protesting against government cutbacks and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

To watch the video:

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3 Responses to “Occupy Rome” Destroys Statue of Mary

  1. toadspittle says:


    Disgraceful behaviour.

    To blame the Virgin Mary for Berlusconi seems singularly innapropriate, all things considered.

    (Possibly it was more spontaneous art criticism than mere vandalism? Who knows?)


  2. Kerberos says:

    If it was SAC, different things would have been vandalised.


  3. Helen Duffy says:

    See also: lastminutebibleguide.com/nations2.html lastminutebibleguide.com/nations3.html


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