Newsflash: The Prelature of St Pius X: what Bp Fellay signed

Hopefully it is true, as reported by the French site “Riposte Catholique“. English translation from

Despite the confidentiality of the negotiations between Rome and the Society of St Pius X, and notwithstanding the typical “last minute” turbulence which occurs in these kinds of undertakings and can (is intended to?) test men’s nerves, we now know the essential core of the doctrinal declaration signed by Bishop Fellay on 15 April 2012, which should serve as the basis of a canonical recognition of the work of Archbishop Lefebvre as a Personal Prelature.

Indeed, in his lecture on Tuesday, 5 June 2012 at the École St-Joseph-des Carmelites, Father Pfluger, First Assistant Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, communicated the main elements of this declaration that – and this much is no secret – was deemed entirely satisfactory by the Ecclesia Dei Commission. The pliant terms used by Bishop Fellay were intended to be acceptable to his interlocutors, while nevertheless maintaining the firm line of Archbishop Lefebvre. A canny reworking, in short, of the formula of adhesion of 1988.

On the fundamental question, according to the testimony of the first assistant, Bishop Fellay has said and has signed the following with respect to those things that are problematic in the Council and the new liturgy:

“The entire Tradition of the Catholic Faith should be the criterion and guide for understanding the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, which in turn clarifies certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church, not yet formulated but implicitly present in it. The statements of the Second Vatican Council and of the subsequent papal magisterium regarding the relationship between the Catholic Church and non-Catholic christian confessions must be understood in the light of all of Tradition.”

Enough to satisfy both the Ecclesia Dei Commission and those with concerns within the Society.

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8 Responses to Newsflash: The Prelature of St Pius X: what Bp Fellay signed

  1. Sixupman says:

    I hope in hope! Deo Gratias.


  2. kathleen says:

    This is wonderful news, and the answer to the prayers of so many of us!

    It cannot have been an easy decision for Msgr. Fellay; so much of what has happened in the Church since the Council (and likewise blamed on it, perhaps somewhat unjustly) has been anathema to the SSPX. This signing of the Preamble shows the good will, sincerity and humility of Msgr. Fellay.

    We now wait with bated breath to see how many of the Society follow their leader’s decision and this new step towards total reconciliation to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and how many will keep the doors of their mind and heart firmly shut and still refuse any possibility of unity.


  3. JabbaPapa says:

    Original : “L’entière Tradition de la foi catholique doit être le critère et le guide de compréhension des enseignements du Concile Vatican II, lequel à son tour éclaire certains aspects de la vie et de la doctrine de l’Église, implicitement présents en elle, non encore formulés. Les affirmations du Concile Vatican II et du Magistère Pontifical postérieur relatifs à la relation entre l’Église catholique et les confessions chrétiennes non-catholiques doivent être comprises à la lumière de la Tradition entière.”

    Unofficial translation (with some corrections by me, caveat emptor as we do not have a basic Latin text for this) : “The entire Tradition of the Catholic Faith should be the criterion and guide for understanding the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, which in turn clarifies certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church [that are implicitly present in her, but not yet formulated]. The statements of the Second Vatican Council and of the [later] Papal Magisterium [as regards] the relationship between the Catholic Church and non-Catholic Christian [denominations*] must be understood in the light of [the Tradition, taken in its entirety].”

    * “confessions” is such a terribly French word when used in this manner — I’m not sure how the Latin would translate here into the English, nor even which particular word would be used, so I’m guessing that given the nature of the doctrine, in English the more neutral “denominations” would be appropriate…

    Very interesting stuff !!!

    The “not yet formulated” is, and for once 100% non-ironically, Powerful Stuff !!! It’s the end of the “Spirit of Vatican II” in … three words.

    (although licit dissent will of course be permissible within the Church concerning these as yet unformulated aspects of the teachings of Vatican II, these three words clearly announce that these aspects not only exist ideally, but that the Church’s duty is precisely to formulate them on the necessary basis of the Tradition — and that the proper understanding of the aspects is for the time being provided by the Tradition — and, implicitly, NOT by “the Spirit of the Council”, whose own formulae are thereby fairly explicitly disavowed)

    Not mentioned, the *non-Papal* Magisterium !!! (though the binding interpretations of the Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith do not need to be specifically mentioned, of course) Also not mentioned, the non-Christian religions.

    This is pretty much a formulation of my own understanding of these things as it has existed since before my baptism, only the precise detail of the source of final Authority of interpretation in the context of all the arguments and the surgically precise nature of the “not yet formulated” thingy in terms of condensing some rather complex interrelated pro et contra into such simple language were unknown to me before reading this text.


  4. kathleen says:

    Thank you very much for this Jabba! You clarify so many things for us.

    Personally, I hate those words, “Spirit of Vatican II“. They conjure up for me the destruction of so much of what was beautiful, pure and Catholic in the Church….. before most of us had even grown up. I know many blame the whole thing onto the Council, but just by reading the documents of V2 one realises is not a justification for such an accusation. Yes, perhaps some of the wording could be called rather ambiguous, and others could even be misleading, but nowhere can one find the free ticket to so much that was destructive, Protestant and ugly……. all in the name of the “Spirit” of the Council in its aftermath. Where did it all come from I wonder?


  5. JabbaPapa says:

    A day of mourning for extremist liberals of all stripes …. :o)


  6. Pepe says:

    Web will the reconciliation be official?


  7. Pepe says:

    Because “a Few days” have already past…maybe we hace to wait a week more? I’m tired of this indecision form FSSPX


  8. JabbaPapa says:

    A more accurate translation of what was said would be “some days” rather than “a few days”.

    That implies that the situation continues to progress daily, but not that it’s necessarily in a process of finalisation as such.

    (yes BTW — it’s confusing to all of us !!! :p)


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