The 129 year old Holy Card everyone is talking about

It’s imagery is based on approved prophecies given to seer Marie Julie Jahenny: Notre Dame engulfed in flames behind Jesus and His Sacred Heart. The other church is St. Peter’s Basilica, and on the left of Notre Dame on the holy card may be Sainte-Chapelle [below], also in Paris, where the Crown of Thorns and other relics of the Crucifixion — later moved to Notre Dame — were once kept. After the great fire that destroyed the roof and spire of Notre Dame last week, and damaged a great deal of the cathedral, plus the fact that France is where Our Lord first revealed the great love of His Sacred Heart for men, the prophecy depicted in the imagery on this Holy Card is very strange, don’t you think?


The mystic Jahenny’s prophetic cri de cœur, often to do with the Church.

“In their (priests’) aberration, they will break their oaths,” she once quoted Heaven as telling her. “The Book of Life contains a list of names that ‘rends the heart.’

“Because of the little respect it has for the apostles of God, the flock grows careless and ceases to observe the laws. The priest himself is responsible for the lack of respect because he does not respect enough his holy ministry, and the place which he occupies in his sacred functions. The flock follows in the footsteps of its pastors; this is a great tragedy.

“The clergy will be severely punished on account of their inconceivable fickleness and great cowardice which is incompatible with their functions.

“A terrible chastisement has been provided for those who ascend every morning the steps of the Holy Sacrifice. I have not come on your altars to be tortured. I suffer a hundredfold more from such hearts than any of the others. I absolve you from your great sins, My children, but I cannot grant any pardon to these priests.” They were not exactly clement words.

“All the anger of the wicked is focused on the Holy See,” said Jahenny (December 8, 1874). “The chastisements will begin with Paris.

For France and Europe, many if not most of her prophecies materialised in the late 1800s and into the 1900s, including with the world wars. As a writer has pointed out, “On September 15, 1879, she predicted Bismarck’s ‘Kulturkampf’. September 15th, 1881, she foretold in detail the death of Melanie Calvat, the visionary of La Salette, which happened on December 15th, 1904. She predicted the eruption of Mount Pelé in Martinique, then described the horrific events as they occurred despite the fact she was half a world away. In 1881 she was shown the Transvaal War, announcing it would take place at the death of Queen Victoria, which happened in 1901. She predicted the death of the Count De Chambord, the last direct descendant of the Bourbon royal house of France. Just before the successor to Pope Leo XIII was chosen, she declared only a few days before the conclave the ‘Adriatic Cardinal is chosen by God, his reign will be that of Christ.  He will not last long and will be called Pius.’ She was correct in that Pius X did not last as long as the previous Pope named ‘Pius.’ Pius X, former cardinal of Venice, fulfilled the prophecy as ‘Adriatic Cardinal’ and was Pope for eleven years, while Pius IX reigned for over thirty-one years.

“Marie-Julie correctly announced beforehand the French would lose their colony of Algeria to the Arabs and the priests of that country would suffer horrible trials.  She also foresaw World War I and World War II.  Our Lord promised she would live to see the beginning of the chastisements, and she lived to see World War II.”

Are her prophecies thus complete?

Famously, she expanded upon prophecies of a terrifying “three days darkness” that would cover the world, prophecies that had begun with cloistered mystical French nuns a century before. Much of what she foresaw also echoed an alleged secret from LaSalette to Melanie.

Chastisements common in the world would well up and succeed one another without ceasing, said Jahenny, who was confined to bed for much of her life. “The crisis will come on all of a sudden,” she once remarked, “and the Chastisement will be worldwide.”

Were the world wars truly global? Were they the Chastisement?

Or does something await in the wings for the future?

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5 Responses to The 129 year old Holy Card everyone is talking about

  1. Oh yes, this is barely the beginning! Read Revelations. Notre Dame was an omen and that was followed by the massacre of practicing Syrian Christians and tourists in less than a week afterwards. There is plenty more to come and we will not mistake what is occurring. By the way, no-one has really mentioned the Vatican burning in the background either. I am wondering what to make of that too. Maybe for when Rome falls?


  2. Mary Salmond says:

    Wow!!!! I learn something new everyday! Where do you find these tidbits of information? What archives do you have to dig these stories up? Thank you!


  3. MyronM says:

    Saint Chapelle was identified correctly, while the details of the architecture of the second object in the fire show that there is the church of Saint Genevieve (or … Pantheon). The chapel was built by Saint Louis IX, while the construction of this church was completed during the reign of Louis XVI, king and martyr, and still during his life the National Assembly turned this unconsecrated temple into a mausoleum (April 4, 1791).
    This card shows the execution of Georges Darboy, the Archbishop of Paris, on May 24, 1871.
    Quote from the French Wikipedia on the subject of Archbishop Georges Darboy:
    “His execution (of Darboy) would have been predicted by Maximin Giraud, one of the young seers of La Salette, on December 4, 1868, during an interview during which Bishop Darboy expressed himself in a rather negative way about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary which took place in 1846:

    “Is your so-called beautiful lady? […] He’s stupid, his speech! »[…]

    Maximin, humiliated for this prince of the Church who was so long in his presence, wanted Our Lady of La Salette to have the last word. “Monseigneur,” he replied forcefully, “it is also true that the Blessed Virgin appeared to me at La Salette, and that She spoke to me, that it is true that in 1871 you will be shot by the rabble. Three years later, at La Roquette, it is asserted that the prelate, a prisoner [of the Communards], answered people who wanted to make attempts to save him: – “It’s useless, Maximin told me that I will be shot. ”

    – Leon Bloy, ‘Celle qui pleure’

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  4. Thank you for sharing this!


  5. kathleen says:

    @ MyronM

    Thank you very much for this fascinating additional information about the scenes depicted in the different images behind the Sacred Heart on the holy card. I had not seen that detail (edit: of the identity of the man being executed) mentioned in any of the many websites that have published the picture.

    P.S. This prophecy of Maxim, the young seer at La Salette, of the manner and year the Archbishop would be shot, gives further proof to the truthfulness of the seers’ testimonies at this apparition site.
    Many in the Church had cast doubts on them at the time, and do so even to this day, despite the current unfolding today of much of what they foretold Our Lady had revealed for our times.


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