Pope Francis Has Fully Regularized the SSPX – James Bogle

Pope Francis has fully regularized the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), James Bogle, the ex-president of Una Voce International, told Gloria.tv (video HERE).

Bogle stressed that the SSPX and the sacraments administrated by them, including marriages and confessions, have been formally recognized by Francis. The Society is also allowed to ordain to the priesthood whomever they see fit.

Francis further appointed SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay as a judge at the Rota Romana, the highest appellate tribunal of the Church, thus recognizing his authority.

“I don’t see how much more regular you can get than that,” Bogle concludes. He acknowledges, however, that there are a lot of intolerant bishops who still treat the SSPX as if it were irregular.

To them, Bogle answers that those who do not like the integration of the SSPX “better have the argument with Pope Francis.”


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10 Responses to Pope Francis Has Fully Regularized the SSPX – James Bogle

  1. Robert John Bennett says:

    No one has been able to find anything that substantiates Bogle’s assertion that “Francis further appointed SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay as a judge at the Rota Romana.”

    This tragic pope (or illegally elected antipope) would no doubt LIKE conservatives to think that he has “regularized” the SSPX, but if fact such a claim appears to be unsubstantiated.


  2. I can just hear the weeping, moaning & gnashing of teeth from Gary Michael Voris, who will accuse Papa Bergolglio & Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan of conspiring against the Conciliar Church for returning to the Catholic Church by recognizing SSPX.
    CMTV will have to go on a Crusade of some kind for Ratings.


  3. JabbaPapa says:

    I find these claims by Bogle to be highly dubious.


  4. kathleen says:

    Yes Jabba, and it would appear that others doubted Jamie Bogle’s claims too, according to comments I have seen. Bogle fiercely defends his claims on the Gloria TV blog’s comment section, reporting that it was Bishop Fellay himself who informed him of his appointment as judge on the Roman Rota, for instance.

    I know Jamie Bogle personally; he accompanies us every year on the Paris to Chartres pilgrimage, leading many of the enlightening spiritual talks, meditations and prayers, together with the priest, as we eat up the 70 miles of the long three day walk. Despite his explosive temper – beware anyone who might cross him! – I can assure you that he is an extremely erudite scholar and historian, a strong traditional Catholic, and not given to fancies. I cannot imagine he would publicly report anything that was not 100% true.


  5. JabbaPapa says:

    Well, in that Gloria article, “Bogle stressed that the SSPX and the sacraments administrated by them, including marriages and confessions, have been formally recognized by Francis” … is incorrect, or at least misleading.

    First because the Sacrament of Marriage is provided by the Spouses to each other.

    Second, and more difficult, faculty has not technically been given to the SSPX priests to licitly hear confessions, but a permission has been granted to the Faithful of their chapels (or indeed others) to confess to those priests.

    On the second point, very many people are confused, because there’s a canonical subtlety that’s a bit hard to grasp.

    The current provisions have been declared as a gesture of mercy to the Faithful, but they do not constitute a regularisation — though in practice, the material difference is typically quite minimal.


  6. Gertrude says:

    Apparently this was an old conversation between Bogle and +Fellay. The Vatican have not announced or confirmed anything, but is reliably said the +Fellay is not a member of the Rota. Such an appointment would have undoubtedly have been confirmed.
    I am surprised that Bogle, a former Chairman of Una Voce allowed this.


  7. JabbaPapa says:

    Gertrude, I can only suggest that the cleverest people make the worst mistakes — because to an initial mistake (errare humanum est) they add the full power of their intellect.


  8. kathleen says:

    @ Jabba (06:49)

    Re the regularisation of the SSPX to perform the Sacraments of Marriage and Confession … could your comments not be considered a “splitting of hairs”, dear Jabba? What does their not having been given permission “technically” really mean in practice? They continue to offer these Sacraments to all Catholics who ask for them, with no impediments or obstacles being put in their way by sympathetic (or disinterested) bishops. As we all know, this was not the case prior to the Year of Mercy.

    OTOH, if your doubts, and Gertrude’s affirmation, that ++Fellay has not been appointed to the Roman Rota are subsequently proven true, then Jamie Bogle will have to eat humble pie and admit he was wrong.
    Knowing him as I do, he won’t like that one bit!!


  9. JabbaPapa says:

    could your comments not be considered a “splitting of hairs”, dear Jabba?

    Not in the terms of the discussion that Mr Bogle wishes to fabricate.


  10. Howard Hines says:

    We have a far greater example of real deviation from the Magisterium set in examples of verbiage and actions by certain hierarchs of the German episcopacy; to what degree have they been sanctioned in any way to the past sanctions of the SSPX, which has not deviated one iota from the Magisterium. Unrightfully, they are held aloof from us, as it were, because they disagree with a relatively few facets of Vatican Council ambiguities, a Council which was pastoral and not dogmatic except in those doctrines of the past which were repeated. It is very clear to millions of us Novus Ordo Roman Catholics that they are indeed Roman Catholic. As a Roman Catholic I accept Vatican Council, but with its implicit limitations by virtue of the fact it was never declared by either Pope St. John XXIII or Pope St. Paul VI to be anything but a Pastoral Council, certainly not dogmatic. The implementation of distortions of that Councils’ declarations have set the Church on a questionable path beset with some contradictions. I sat in the pews of a church in Reston, Virginia, where for a number of years I heard great criticisms of the pre-Vatican Council Church. For me, it was a crying shame I shant ever forget. And although the “new” Mass is the Mass, is the Mass , it lacks the awesome expression of our ancient liturgy, which is still a very valid way to have Mass, and prefered by millions of us. I do not accept the blanket exclusion of the SSPX which dominates the thinking of certain Roman Catholic Bishops, especially those who remain silent in the face of some German Bishops’ near apostasy.


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