From Holy Communion to Corona Communion

Holy Family Parish in Stow, Ohio, purchased a plastic screen with a slot through which Corona Communion is distributed (article’s picture).

More pictures of a distribution of Corona-Communion:

• The Italian standard for distributing Communion are one-way plastic gloves.

• Cologne Cardinal Woelki distributes Communion behind a plastic wall.

• Mainz Bishop Kohlgraf’s Communion self-service in plastic boxes.

• German parish serves Communion on porcelain cake plates.

• Bishops around the world recommend distributing Communion with sugar tongs or tweezers.












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4 Responses to From Holy Communion to Corona Communion

  1. carlos10101 says:

    This insane over-reaction to the Wuhan Kung-Flu is becoming downright obscene! And note that the priest in the first pic couldn’t be bothered to properly dress for Mass. Sneakers!
    I’m sorry, but I have to say it: Our leaders disgust me.


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Dang! You beat me to it. Holy Family Parish in Stow OH must (or should) be embarrassed at their pastor wearing them. A pair of black leather oxfords would cost less and be more suitable. The priests at my parish – they know how I think about this, and they obey.


  3. kathleen says:

    Great to be amused by another of your unique nail-on-head comments once again, JH. Sneakers indeed! How did priests that treat the Blessed Sacrament so disdainfully like these examples above ever make it through seminary?
    Come to think about it, perhaps that is where the problem lies: the liberals indoctrinated by a masonic ideology have infiltrated the seminaries, and thus the Church.


  4. Sacrilege without end. These people fear the “virus” more than God Himself. Since when do you get sick by receiving God Almighty Himself?


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