Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre remains translated and VIDEO of Pontifical Mass

First posted on 26 September 2020 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on his blog:

On 24 September 2020 the mortal remains of Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre were translated from the SSPX seminary at Écône to the church of Cœur Immaculé de Marie. It was the 50th anniversary of the founding of the seminary.

There is a rather stunning video of the Pontifical Mass at the Throne celebrated on this occasion. Under the video, on the YouTube page there is a helpful breakdown of the moments of the Mass with links.

I learned of Lefebvre’s death in an interesting way.  That morning I was opening up our office (the quondam Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei“) because I was the first to arrive.  As I was switching on lights and machines, the doorbell rang.   Thinking it was our secretary, who might not have the key handy, I opened the door to find… then-Card. Ratzinger.  He gave me the news that Lefebvre had died. He had just received a phone call about his death and stopped at our office on his way in to the Congregation.  I got on the phone to our own Cardinal right away.

Here is a shot of Lefebvre’s memorial card, which I have kept these years.  I keep it on a shelf with other cards among some reliquaries over my private altar, to remind me to pray for him.  He was an amazing missionary and churchman in his day and he died before his  excommunication could be lifted, as surely it would have been.

In your charity, you might pray for him too.

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