Inquisition at the Liturgy Congregation?

From Fr Z:

According to La Nuova Bussola, on 15 March an investigation (“Visita Apostilica”) of the Congregation for Divine Worship will begin.

The writer says that the man appointed for the investigation, head of the bishops conference liturgy office, leans liberal and may have been accused of covering up some problem with a priest.

He is clearly favored by Francis. Sarah is clearly associated closely with Benedict XVI and his liturgical vision.

The visitation is odd, since this is a dicastery of the Curia, not a diocese, seminary or religious institute. I don’t remember anything like this.

The article brings up the fact that, recently, Card. Sarah’s (routine) resignation was at last accepted without a successor being appointed. Arch.

It also points to the recent suppression of individual Masses in San Pietro and the de facto marginalization of the TLM. These are two things that one can easily imagine Card. Sarah strenuously opposed.

NB: We must not jump to conclusions, however it strikes me that there could be a parallel here to what some want to happen to anyone who worked in the Trump administration or who supported him: Get ’em! Cancel ’em! Investigate and ruin ’em! Make sure they’ll never work again!

That’s how they roll.

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2 Responses to Inquisition at the Liturgy Congregation?

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    WOW! Ugly stuff coming our way!


  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Isn’t this what Satan ordered as Part and Parcel of the New World Order Totalitarian End Time mindset that obviously has a grip on multitudes of people around the globe! We in America still have in the legislative branch of the federal government and throughout all the states, what’s called the Democrat Party; which is far from what it once was considered to be all the way back to this nation’s founding and is strictly anything but democratic! In fact what I’ve witnessed firsthand and have read by others who have specific knowledge of that parties inner workings is a general behavior and retaliatory track record that rivals Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Gestapo Rule Book formulated by Joseph Goebbels during World War II; with actual intimidation, frame-ups, harassing, provoking, condemnation, weaponized false accusations and whatever they can come up with to ruin a person’s credibility in order to destroy anyone they consider an enemy or even as retaliation, mentioned here in this article as an example of former Trump supporters or associates being targeted. Most people who have even had a cursory passing interest in American politics of late can recall the unbelievable “false weaponzied accusation” brought against now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh by an obvious Left Wing Democrat party minion to destroy Kavanaugh’s chances of appointment to the Supreme Court as a Justice!

    I wrote about this incident and this party of havoc, immorality and injustice many times, but one essay in particular I think is appropriate to share here now. I named the piece “Age of the Hypocrites and Heathens,” which pointed to this specific false accusatory lambasting of a good man along with his wife and two young daughters having to be dragged through the mud and humiliated seeing this evil directed at their loved one this way; in defaming his name and impeccable record!

    Now while the Installed Puppet POTUS Joe Biden who apparently did sexually assault Tara Reade a congressional aide, the Democrats didn’t support her substantiated more recent complaint, even with all of her vastly verified corroborating evidence; yet these dirty filthy hypocrites screamed bloody murder against Judge Kavanaugh during his appointment to the Supreme Court, when he was being accused by a soused, crony leftist crazy woman Christine Blasey Ford who said 35 years prior when a teen that Kavanaugh raped her at a party, which she had zero credibility or corroboration of ever actually happening and later after Kavanaugh was ultimately appointed to the Supreme Court, the truth surfaced of how it was impossible for the accusation to have ever even come close to actually happening, but at the time of the hearing for the judge’s appointment her lie was bolstered by wicked Senator Diane Feinstein one of the high raking Democrats connected to China along with crazy wicked witch of the West Nancy Pelosi; both of whom groomed Ford’s testimony before the Senate, and to this day Pelosi states, “Joe is just Joe,” as her position about his well-documented established inappropriate behavior of women! Just the way Liar Shifty Adam Schiff carried out a fake story and complete lie of Russian Collusion between the Trump campaign through Russian operatives from the moment he was elected President; then when that failed he accused Trump with a supposed whistle blowers allegation that The President bribed the Ukraine’s President Zelinsky with the congressionally approved aid package, which was a “complete hoax and failed coup d’état” as we all know now after so much waste and damage done by such treasonous agents right here in the US Government at the highest levels, carried out by the previous administration and Deep State Cronies!

    A time when we see a most Despicable, Lying Crony Career Politician such as Creepy, Crazy, Hypocrite Joe Biden actually running for president, (now actually is) of the greatest country on earth; that is of course until it sank into moral decay and deceit on an unimaginable scale to where there are now countless minions of diabolical evil that are actually cheering on this human devil of a man Biden to be their leader, especially the entire Democrat Party that is a refuge of misfits, the worst sinners, liars, cheats, communists, perverts, murderers, backstabbing human scum of the earth, that to me are worse than what I’ve seen in cesspools over the course of my lifetime! A world where a dirty rotten wicked minion and cohort of hell Nancy Pelosi can lead the Democrat Communist Party toward the destruction of America with impunity and with a thrill as she does it, wielding totally corrupted human earthy power even as she claims to be a Roman Catholic just like Biden does, while not even living in the slightest way in accordance with the teachings and tenets of the Church that follows strictly through thousands of years of theologian accurate deciphering of the Holy Scriptures; in order to live in the way that Jesus Christ Himself instructed the faithful to live. Everything they do is in complete opposition to any degree or fragment of what Jesus taught; but rather they blaspheme God! And they are attempting to lead the world through America’s power and influence toward perdition, under a One World Leader within the guise of New World Order, which will usher in the Antichrist who will usurp all the powers and demonic forces of hell into this New World Construct, to enslave the human race in a world of sin and debauchery like the “good old earth” has never witnessed in order to bring Armageddon upon God’s beautiful creation!

    Now let me tell you folks here today, as we see that all of what I said back then has been further proven and manifested as this devil of a man Biden is the head of this nation with all of those dirty rotten lying evil minions of hell, leading the Congress of the United States; America has never seen a time as dark as what we are now witnessing as these criminal thugs more akin to Al Capone’s Roaring 20’s Mafia Organized Crime Syndicate with the Installed Professional Career Politically Organized Crime Syndicate Racketeer Politician also known to some as Scranton Joe who for 48 years hasn’t done a damned thing for the American People but has managed as a supposed public servant to rack up billions in personal wealth using his political influence peddling and the elected office, only as a tool to wealth and power; while selling out America and its People which to me spells out just how toxic and evil the world has become! To me nothing but End Time is fast approaching without any doubt in my heart or mind! Now is the time for you to turn to God and pray like you never have; as this what I hate to even call a man, this Puppet POTUS just like the heretic Bergoglio are ushering in the darkest evil directly from hell; along with the accompanying Antichrist! All that comes to my mind right this moment is this Scripture.

    Do not take revenge, dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath. For it is written, “Vengeance belongs to me. I will pay them back, declares the Lord.” Romans 12:19

    34“Have I not stored up these things, sealed up within My vaults? 35Vengeance is Mine; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; for their day of disaster is near, and their doom is coming quickly.” 36For the LORD will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants when He sees that their strength is gone and no one remains, slave or free.…” Deuteronomy 32:35

    Be ever vigilant now friends, brothers and sisters; this is the time when we should be most watchful with this Scripture always in mind!

    1 Peter 5:8 (ASV) “Be sober, be watchful: your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

    God bless you.
    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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