Hymn Of The Welsh Reformation Martyrs

The last Welsh Martyr

Can be sung to: Hyfrydol (Alleluia, Sing to Jesus) or Blaenwern (Love Divine)

Came a time upon our nation
when the faith of Rome was banned.
Christians found their hearts were broken
torn apart throughout our land.
Thus a traitor to the nation
anyone who loved the Pope!
Christians stood in condemnation;
who could bring them any hope?

Men who trained as priests for Cymru
came from Europe’s shores ere long.
Traversed far and wide our nation,
come to keep the Old Faith strong!
Saying Mass and heard confession,
priests of God: their only crime
Was that laws of England’s kingdom
made such treason, at that time.

David Lewis, priest of Monmouth
gladly in Usk met his end.
As at Cardiff, Philip Evans,
with John Lloyd, his holy friend.
From the north did Saint John Roberts
die for Christ, a martyr true;
and Franciscan, Saint John Jones
from the noose to heaven flew.

With these priests, to Rome so loyal
one more saint of Wales did die;
Richard Gwyn, the edict royal
did at first its ways comply.
But this man, of Wales a teacher,
taught us now the better way:
He renounced the royal churches,
chose with Rome alone to pray.

Time hath passed upon our nation:
the Old Faith no longer banned.
Other Christians, once oppressive,
now as friends beside us stand.
This is not a day for gloating,
or for raising ancient wrong;
But a day for celebrating
loyal saints whose faith proved strong.

Source © 2010, Gareth Leyshon (b. 1973)


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