Backsliding to Synod15

By Alexis Bugnolo on “From Rome”

Yesterday, the Vatican Press office published the Italian text of the Lineamenta (Outlines) for next Year’s Synod on the Family (#Synod15). As this document has shown itself to be stained by the same errors which the From Rome blog highlighted in its own critique of the Final Relatio of this year’s Synod, it will be useful to consider in what ways the committee charged by Pope Francis with preparing for the upcoming Synod next year has embraced the errors contained in that Final Relatio. It is for that reason, that The From Rome blog is honored to publish as a guest editorial, our own English translation of Mrs. Maria Guarini’s, Sinodalità recidiva: “Lineamenta” per il 2015, a critique of the new Lineamenta for next year’s Synod on the Family.


Mrs. Maria Guarini, being interviewed by La Repubblica (Sept 14, 2007).

Mrs. Maria Guarini, being interviewed by La Repubblica (Sept 14, 2007).

Mrs. Maria Guarini, is the editor and publisher of Chiesa e post Concilio, one of the most influential theological blogs in the Italian language and the only one of its kind in the city of Rome. For several years, Mrs. Guarini has proved her mettle by putting on display the erroneous theological presuppositions of all those who have raised their voices against the perennial Magisterium of the Church. She holds a Baccalareate in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Faculty of St. Bonaventure (the Seraphicum) and can be considered one the members of the Roman Theological Circle which sustains faithfully still, the theological heritage of the Roman Church. She lives at Rome with her husband and son.

In our English translation, we have attempted to present the same signification as the original, but frequently on account of the many metaphors unique to modern Italian, we have had to reformulate the syntax and alter the terms to give the equivalent signification in English. In citations, even those to the Lineamenta, we have followed the Italian text quoted by Mrs. Guarini.

Backsliding to Synod15


We note that the “spirit of the Council”, in its own more revolutionary aspects not to mention its negationary semantics (the horrible, deleterious effect of affirming a correct principle conjoined with an erroneous one by means of the conjunction, “but”, which has so stirred the waters of theology that the eddies are now becoming consuming whirlpools) is now transferring its bad influence, little by little, to the upcoming Synod on the Family.

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7 Responses to Backsliding to Synod15

  1. When I read articles like this, I am left with a renewed certainty that it is God alone who can defend and preserve the Church. Those who are hell-bent on destroying it continue their work with unbridled intensity – and fury. The enemies of the Church, especially those who are within the Church, appear to have acquired so much power that it is hardly an exaggeration to say that nothing and no one but God Himself can stop them now.


  2. kathleen says:

    It is a really good analysis, don’t you think Robert? I hope everyone takes the time out to read it. Alexis Bugnolo has certainly done his homework, though it makes for fearful reading!

    One of the things that worries me is that Cardinal Burke, the leader of the Bishops faithful to Catholic Doctrine in the October 2014 Extraordinary Synod, will not be present next year for the ‘Big’ Synod. Will the other good traditional Bishops be able to stand up to the likes of Kaspar without him I wonder?

    We must pray as never before to the Holy Spirit that Catholic orthodoxy will not be allowed to be undermined by his enemies… some of whom are within the Church’s very confines!


  3. It IS a good analysis. I am surprised and very disappointed – even a little shocked – to learn that Cardinal Burke will not be taking part in the 2015 Synod. On what basis did the “reformers” manage to exclude him? And have they managed to exclude Bishop Athanasius Schneider as well?

    I very much fear that the pope – yes, the pope – and the other Kaspar supporters will now be able to run roughshod over the faithful bishops. If that should happen, the Catholic Church would become simply one more protestantized entity, like all those irrelevant institutions that have largely faded away in Europe and America.

    But I cling to the belief – and Christ’s promise – that that will not and cannot happen to the Church. There have been saints in the past that have prevented the destruction of the Church during periods of crisis. Somewhere there must be such individuals now.


  4. kathleen says:

    Robert, it was the plan of Pope Francis to remove him, though this was done under the pretense of “the age-old option to “promoveatur ut removeatur” (that is, promote to remove)” as Louie Verrecchio puts it. See this article that I have just linked to on another thread concerning this topic:

    I do not know whether or not Bishop Athanasius Schneider will be at the next Synod on the Family in 2015; I’m not even sure if the full list of the future participants has been announced yet. It would be wonderful if he were to be there, but given his solid traditional (thus faithfully Catholic) leanings, I doubt it I’m afraid.

    There is one thing Cardinal Burke insisted should be a preliminary step to any future Synod on the Family and that is the “taking off the table” of all talk about watering down Catholic Doctrines and Dogmas. Certain Catholic Teachings are simply “non-negotiable”… but will he be heeded? That is the million dollar question; and we can do no more than hold our breath and pray hard!


  5. Kathleen, the entry about Cardinal Burke in the “Harvesting the Fruits” blog is very, very good. Thank you for drawing my attention to this blog. I’ll be reading it often from now on.

    One other matter occurred to me the other day: Are the pope’s supporters so insecure that they actually have to commission Pew Research to conduct a POLL on the pope’s APPROVAL RATING?

    How did we ever come to this?

    And among the results of the poll, it turns out that the pope’s approval rating is over eighty percent in Europe! Wonderful, right? But eighty percent of what? Here in Germany, people are leaving the Church in droves, and because of the official records resulting from the German government-imposed “church tax,” we know exactly how numerous those people are. Elsewhere in Europe, in countries like France, the Church long ago became irrelevant. And yet those in power in the hierarchy continue like lemmings down the path laid out for them by the “spirit of Vatican II” (which, as we all know, has almost nothing to do with the real teachings of the Second Vatican Council, and which begins to look more and more like the “demon spirit of Vatican II”).

    One glaring omission in the results of the poll was the result for the United States. One wonders why.

    I agree with you: the most important thing that we in the laity can do is pray. We who are just ordinary faithful Catholics have to pray – desperately – for the Church, and for all humankind. In all (I think) of the approved apparitions of Our Lady, this is what she asks us to do. And she will use the power God has given her to crush the heads of those who are bent on destroying the Church from within.


  6. johnhenrycn says:

    “And yet those in power in the hierarchy continue like lemmings down the path laid out for them by the ‘spirit of Vatican II’ “.

    So sad, but so true, RGB.

    Pope Francis has made it clear that he intends to appoint (and indeed has) more women to the International Theological Commission, calling them “strawberries on the cake”. I mean, how chauvinist is that? I wonder if our dear Kathleen, Gertrude and GC are pleased that women theolgians are called strawberries? I also wonder if the learned author of this article, Mrs. Maria Guarini, is one of the strawberries on the Commission? How about Alice von Hildebrand? Don’t think so, but if they are, they might have something to say about our Holy Father’s recent ruminations implying that there are animals in heaven, although to be fair, Pope Paul VI allegedly said something along those lines too. Not sure if Pius XII ever did though.


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