The Purpose Of Mary

Without Mary the Mother of God, we fallen creatures would be provided with Divine Justice and Mercy which are pure masculine.

May God preserve us from that!

And so He did. From the Cross, Jesus gave us His own Mother as our own. A Mother able to soften the heart of God Himself, to move Him to Mercy on our behalf for She is a creature just like us except sin.

I do wish our separated brethren would learn to see Mary in this light. We Catholics do not worship Her as divine for she isn’t, but She is the Mother of God nonetheless.

Today, the Pope commended all the souls lost in the Alps disaster to the care of Mary. (I do the same for all my dying patients.) In her keeping they are safest.


About Brother Burrito

A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!
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3 Responses to The Purpose Of Mary

  1. kathleen says:

    Oh yes Burrito, your “dying patients” are bound to be kept safe from the Devil’s clutches when wrapped in Mary’s loving motherly arms. What a lovely and poignant reminder you have given us here!

    Not sure though if God – Who is Perfect in all His attributes – ‘needs’ even the promptings of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His Mother, and our Mother too, to “soften” His Heart. His Most Sacred Heart is Divine and Perfect Love in Itself.
    But we certainly need Mary’s motherly help and guidance to keep us safely on the path to Heaven, weak and prone to losing our way as we are. 🙂


  2. John says:

    One of the big problems other non-Catholic Christian denominations have concerning the role of Mary is I think predominantly one of pure ignorance on the part of the congregations.
    My experience of growing up in the church actually reflects this. I was neither for nor against, did I simply not know enough about Mary or the theology surrounding her.
    Of course I knew who she was, and of her role in scripture as the bearer of Our Lord, but my theology was ambivalent as regards the deeper significance of her role as taught by the Catholic Church, with little else than some fanciful and ill-informed notions about what Catholics believed, and which, to be fair, did not emanate from my own Churches’ teaching, but rather from some airy fairy cultural confusion that seemed to have no actual starting place.
    I am eternally grateful to my own Anglican formation for ministry, during which the role of Mary in the Church was set out clearly and concisely, and to a degree that as a non-Catholic, I had no issues in accepting Catholic teaching about her.
    I cannot speak for all denominations, but I think that from my own experience and knowledge of Anglicanism, it is not a case of negating any aspect of her role, but rather that there is a lack of teaching, and that is down to the clergy.
    Indeed there are many Churches of my old denomination that give Mary all the honour due, and do indeed engage in virtually all Catholic practices in demonstrating that honour.
    I do feel that I am not unique in this belief, insofar as the majority of thinking people in the C of E (excepting of course the extreme Protestant wing who object to most things) would have absolutely no issues in accepting Catholic theology in respect of Our Blessed Lady, and given the opportunity to do so would benefit enormously from a closer relationship with her.
    Sadly, both teaching and leadership in the C of E is, and always has been woefully bad on matters of doctrine and theology, though on a wry note, I also suspect that if the teaching were better most would convert to Catholicism !


  3. toadspittle says:

    “Divine Justice and Mercy which are pure masculine.”

    Didn’t realise abstract concepts had genders.
    Although, for what it’s worth, (not much, I suppose) both words are feminine in Spanish.


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