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A sinner who hopes in God's Mercy, and who cannot stop smiling since realizing that Christ IS the Way , the Truth and the Life. Alleluia!

The Pity of Christ – Crisis Magazine

Christ cannot be psychoanalyzed because he is perfect.  It would be like seeking flaws in pure crystal or long shadows at high noon. That is why he may seem from our fallen state in a singularly ill-contrived world as both severe and … Continue reading

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Welcome To Auschwitz

WARNING: this video may scar you mentally. From

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Fr. Barron on Love, Tolerance, and Making Distinctions

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Schhh… you know who

Last week, while I was taking annual leave, my wife let me off the leash to visit London for a week and dig up some old friends, see the sights, and sample metropolitan Catholicity. I managed to do all of these … Continue reading

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Disco Inferno

This is what happens when you shower people with inflammable particulates in the presence of a source of ignition. Pray for the victims.

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Laudato Si Meme

From Twitter, again.  

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Laudato Si: first thoughts

Originally posted on All Along the Watchtower:
I think there must be more than one version of the Pope’s latest encyclical, Laudato Si! I do not have to hand the Communist/Marxist version, although I do have to hand the one…

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Catholics Are Romantic

Here’s another Twitter find.

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Consoling Words

I found the above image on Twitter.

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Lourdes: The Veil Is Thin

Originally posted on tiberjudy:
?? We took the night train from Paris and rumbled south through the countryside until we arrived in Lourdes just as day was breaking. My two friends and I were in the middle of our fall…

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The Mercy Of Allah

By Hilaire Belloc CHAPTER I ENTITLED “AL-RAFSAT”, OR “THE KICK” In the days of Abd-er-Rahman, who was among the wisest and most glorious of the Commanders of the Faithful, there resided in the City of Bagdad an elderly merchant of … Continue reading

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You think you’ve got problems, huh?

From here

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The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

This is a very good and stirring movie and I ask you all please to watch it through to the end. Last night’s post was about gay lobbies fighting God. This film is about gay persons seeking Him. The thoughts … Continue reading

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Jesus’s Sacrifice

Please listen to this sermon by Fr Robert Barron in preparation for Corpus Christi:

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The Devil

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