A Postage Stamp from the Vatican to “Commemorate” Luther’s Revolt?

Today I got a message from some Catholic Irish friends, saying (more or less):

“It’s OK guys – looks like it’s been a false alarm! Below is the final design for the stamp to be issued by Vatican City to mark the 500th anniversary of Luther’s rebellion. An appropriate depiction of heresiarch, Martin Luther, one we can all get behind – right?  Nothing more than what Catholics would expect from the Magisterium of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to commemorate such a massively evil deed of far-reaching consequences – right?….”




Nick Donnelly for EWTN News (January 18) gives the shameful real news:

Vatican to issue a commemorative stamp featuring Martin Luther

Illustrative stamp issued by Finland in 1967.

Illustrative stamp issued by Finland in 1967.

The Vatican plans to issue a stamp featuring the face of the heresiarch Martin Luther to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

The Vatican’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office has announced its philatelic publications for 2017 that indicates that it will issue the commemorative Martin Luther stamp immediately after issuing a stamp celebrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Marist Brothers schools. The Martin Luther stamp will be followed by a stamp celebrating the 600th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Samogitia. Other highlights for the Vatican’s philatelic publications for 2017 include a stamp celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima and a stamp celebrating the 300-year anniversary of our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil.

The Vatican’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office 2017 list does not refer to Martin Luther but instead states “The fifth centenary of the Protestant Reformation.” The Vatican confirmed to LifeSiteNews that Martin Luther will be celebrated with a postage stamp in 2017.

In January 2017 the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Christian Unity issued a document recognising Martin Luther as “a witness to the gospel”.

[Nick Donnelly’s] Comment

Martin Luther is a heresiarch, the founder of a heresy. Heresy is a rupture that wounds the unity of Christ’s Body, that does not occur without human sin. (CCC 817). As canon law defines it, “Heresy is the obstinate denial or obstinate doubt after the reception of baptism of some truth which is to be believed by divine and Catholic faith”. (Can. 751).

CP&S Comment

How are Catholics expected to take this incredible and treacherous action of the Vatican’s? How can a revolution that brought about the breaking apart of Christendom, the catalyst that has led untold millions into heresy, opened the doors to Secularism and spiritual death, now call the heresiarch who instigated the whole revolt, “a witness to the gospel”? And then issue a stamp to “celebrate” the occasion. It’s an absolute scandal!


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18 Responses to A Postage Stamp from the Vatican to “Commemorate” Luther’s Revolt?

  1. johnhenrycn says:

    At least the Vatican’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office has not printed a Lucifer stamp. Yet.

    But the above stamp issued (apparently) in the country of my forefathers reminds that a few years ago the Bishop of Finland (the whole country is one diocese) permitted a newly ordained ethnically Finnish priest (there are only six of them, I believe)) to celebrate the TLM following his ordination.

    I hope everyone is as happy as I am today.

  2. toadspittle says:

    Who next? Galileo?

    “It’s an absolute scandal!”
    Gotter laugh, though – don’t you?

  3. johnhenrycn says:

    “It is commonly believed that the Catholic Church persecuted Galileo for abandoning the geocentric (earth-at-the-center) view of the solar system for the heliocentric (sun-at-the-center) view. The Galileo case, for many anti-Catholics, is thought to prove that the Church abhors science, refuses to abandon outdated teachings, and is not infallible. For Catholics, the episode is often an embarrassment. It shouldn’t be. This tract provides a brief explanation of what really happened…

  4. johnhenrycn says:

    Did I already say that?

  5. toadspittle says:

    “..the worst that happened to the men of science was that Galileo suffered an honorable detention and a mild reproof.” Even so, the Catholic Church today acknowledges that Galileo’s condemnation was wrong. The Vatican has even issued two stamps of Galileo as an expression of regret for his mistreatment.

    Good old Vatican! That will do nicely. Two stamps already. Wake up, Toad!
    Yes, JH – you did put up the “brains” snap before. It’shard to keep a track on it all, as our own brains atrophy, isn’t it? I’m just the same as you.
    Something to do with the gums receding, apparently. Anyway – a good link.

  6. kathleen says:

    From an article in Thursday’s edition of the Catholic Herald, we read:
    “Pope Francis has told Lutheran pilgrims from Finland that Martin Luther’s intention 500 years ago “was to renew the Church, not divide Her”.”


    If that had only an ounce of truth about it, Luther would have wanted to defend the Church from its sinners. He would have tried to weed out what had become derailed somewhat (perhaps the misuse by some clerics of the devotion of indulgences, for example) in imitation of many real early reformers, like St Francis of Assisi, BUT (and it’s a big “but”) Luther would have made sure he stuck firmly to the Church’s ancient Deposit of Faith in his “reform” of perceived laxness among members of the Church.

    He did not! Instead that nasty little worm of pride and self-glorification slithered into his soul, and he became the Devil’s tool that destroyed a large part of Christ’s Holy Church.

    Perhaps Pope Francis in his drooling praise of the heresiarch, sees himself as becoming the 21st century New Luther ?
    Perhaps he fancies having his own image on a postage stamp one day? A stamp to “commemorate” the Pope whose machinations caused a schism in the Church?

  7. johnhenrycn says:

    I don’t enjoy your theologigilo contributions, Toad, but I do enjoy your snappish comebacks.

  8. toadspittle says:

    You would enjoy considerably more of my “comebacks,” , if they were not killed at birth, JH – aborted, in fact.

    Quite a compliment to have your face on a stamp – even if only a soppy Vatican one.
    But, for real class :
    Used to be a good day’s wages, not so long ago. Now it hardly buys a decent gin and tonic. That’s evolution, for yer.

    You differ in opinion with Luther, Kathleen. Good. So do I. But then, I differ in opinion with all sorts of people – Astrologers, Calvinists, Muggletonians, Hindus, Muslims, Quivering Brethren, Stalinists, Fascists, Darwin-denying Fundamentalists, etc., etc. – the list is very long. Almost endless.

  9. GC says:

    I think what Toad has failed to notice is that hardly anybody, if anyone at all, except Toad perhaps, is the slightest bit interested in who Toad has either agreed or disagreed with. This is supported by our privileged in-house behind-the-scenes data and stats, with a bit of added number-crunching. Funny that. Perhaps people have more worthwhile things to do, difficult to imagine though that may be.

    The common cormorant, or shag,
    Lays eggs inside a paper bag.
    The reason you will see, no doubt,
    Is to keep the lightning out.
    But what these unobservant birds
    have failed to notice is that herds
    Of wandering bears may come with buns,
    and steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

  10. johnhenrycn says:

    “I have re-opened comments on this post in order to show this video…”
    …says Brother Burrito who has decided to re-occupy his position as part owner of this blog in order to post a comment on the formerly (and formally) closed Garabandal post dating back to 2011, although no one has the privilege of responding to him. Just as well: I was told earlier today on another website:

    “Hey there johnhenry. With your big mouth and your rude demeanor you not only deprive me of the little trust in humanity leftovers that I still possess you also defy every reasoning behind your continued access [etc. etc]”

    Please forgive her poor grammar. Dumb blonde. But a Catholic blonde.

  11. Brother Burrito says:

    Hello JH,

    Can you not comment on that post? You should be able to if I could.

  12. johnhenrycn says:

    Not that I would have left a comment, but no, we peons cannot respond. The presenter looks like he’s reading from a teleprompter or has Asperger’s. He definitely doesn’t know how to dress.

  13. toadspittle says:

    To hell with you/ lot.
    You tie my hands behind my back, then attack me at will.
    …Nor will you run this.
    If you did, nobody, except the censoring “moderators,” would understand what was going on.
    If anybody, especially GC, says, “Comment no more Toad “- that’s what I will do.
    It’s all got stupid and gutless on here, anyway.
    Three cheers for Pope Francis!

  14. johnhenrycn says:

    “To hell with you…”

    Same to you, friend. Hindsight is what I miss when I think of you. And this guy, too:

  15. kathleen says:

    There was a very insightful post on 1Peter5 last Friday that throws more light on many of the recent posts we have published here on CP&S: ‘Fatima versus Martin Luther’s Revolution: the Church in 2017‘.
    For example, this excerpt:

    “It is a contradiction to celebrate both the Reformation and the messages of Fatima. But the Church plans to do both in 2017, and the dual commemorations will serve to highlight the conflicting strains of thought within the Church that have caused so much disarray for more than 50 years. They will encapsulate the schizophrenia that has divided the Church between what Pope Benedict famously called “the hermeneutic of rupture” and “the hermeneutic of continuity.” The great debate between the hermeneutics has taken on unprecedented stakes in the marriage controversy unleashed by Amoris Laetitia.

    Lutheranism lies at the heart of the rupture hermeneutic. In myriad ways, the so-called “spirit of Vatican II,” manifested by the manner in which the teachings of the Council were implemented, was the application of Luther’s thinking four and a half centuries after such thinking was rejected at Trent. Now, despite all of the ample evidence of decline over the decades, the Lutheranizers still do not recognize that their approach is bound to fail, because the essential character of Catholicism and the essential character of Luther’s modernizing Protestantism cannot coexist. We cannot be at once Catholic and Protestant.”

  16. toadspittle says:

    Yer. It’s all their fault. They started it.
    Still, we can all have a good laugh about it, can’t we?
    If we can’t laugh at Lutherans, well – what is the world coming to?

  17. Emma Son says:

    Your blogs and accretion attracts me to come back once more on your site.

  18. Eric Rachut, M.D. says:

    Where can I buy this stamp?

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