Magnum Principium: Why the Fuss?

Dominus mihi adjutor

Not unreasonable, some people in social media are at a loss as to why there is such a fuss about the change to canon law, and so liturgical law, in the pope’s just-released motu proprio, Magnum Principium. After all, it is just a change to an obscure canon, #838, that 99% of Catholics have never heard of, let alone read. Surely allowing bishops’ conferences to choose their own translations of liturgical books is sensible, and no big deal?

Well, yes and no. It should not be a big deal, all things being equal. However, in the current context of post-conciliar liturgical reform it is a retrograde step that presages strife and turmoil.

As with any change to Church law, one must ask: Why the change? Why now? At whose behest is it made? What is its endgame, as it were? In other words, what is the context?

The remote…

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4 Responses to Magnum Principium: Why the Fuss?

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Gertrude, thanks for the attachment. Need to digest. Perhaps discuss with our new parish priest and see where he stands.

  2. Gertrude says:

    There is much to digest Mary, and if it is further modernist revision of the Liturgy at the whim of Bishops Conferences, then we traditionalist are in big trouble and it will be very divisive. With Fr. Hugh I too pray that these initial thoughts prove wrong.

  3. Mary Salmond says:

    Good grief. Revisionism ad naseum! Thanks for response.

  4. kathleen says:

    After reading this disturbing news, once again I find myself echoing Fr Hugh’s words, “…I did find myself thinking that Pope Benedict XVI, of such happy memory, has, in running from the wolves, left us to face them ourselves“!

    What can Pope Benedict – he, who had such a profound understanding of the importance of a beautiful and dignified Liturgy – be thinking now? Is a sword not piercing his heart at this newest threat of a return to an impoverished, banal Liturgy once again? What does he really think of all the scandalous words and actions of his successor to the Chair of Saint Peter that he vacated?

    Certainly attending Holy Mass in Latin (whether this be the holy, incomparable Tridentine Mass, or a N.O. Mass in Latin) would be a safeguard against exposing Liturgical translations to the whim of a die-hard old liberal bishop, but many of us are not fortunate enough to have this alternative on a regular basis.

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