The Time has Come to Convene an “Imperfect” Synod!


Rome, Dec. 3, 2017 A. D. — With the publication of the recent edition of the Acta Apostolica Sedis, in which documents are included which attempt to exalt the personal heresy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who denies the Apostolic Tradition concerning the discipline of the Sacraments, the time has come to convene a Synod to issue a formal canonical correction of the Pope, warning him in Evangelical and Apocalyptic terms, that if he does not renounce his error, he must be considered by the whole Church as self-deposed from the office of Peter.

Such a Synod will be, in technical scholastic terms, an “imperfect” Synod, because it will be convened by the authority of the Apostolic College without reference to the authority of the office of the Vicar of Christ, who in the present circumstances cannot be appealed to, on the grounds of a conflict of interest.

The correction to be given will however be canonical in the proper sense, because though no one but a proper ordinary can given a canonical correction, when he who holds the supreme office has manifestly and pertinaciously abandoned the Catholic Faith, it remains in virtue of the principal of subsidiarity, that if there be no other earthly authority, that the individual as a private person be corrected by the Church Herself, who is not bereft of the Apostolic Authority merely because of a de facto sede vacante.

Since the Church is a visible society and since She is bound above all by the law of charity and the salvation of souls, it remains a grave obligation of the Sacred Hierarchy in these present and extreme circumstances to seek the salvation of the soul of Jorge Bergoglio and the unity of the Church, by seeking his public refutation of his errors and the renunciation of his heresies. Failing that, the Church will be torn with schism, with many souls following the great stumbling block placed before them in the words of Cardinal Parolin, who in the AAS claims the private letter of the Pope an the Argentine Bishop is “magisterium authenticum”.

We as Catholics, however, ever holding to the perennial magisterium, the Apostolic Tradition and the Divine Teaching of Our Lord and Master, recognize that no teaching of the Roman Pontiff is magisterium authenticum on account of an external declaration, by whomsoever, that it has this character, but that it is only such when from its internal content it adheres harmoniously and conformably with the Deposit of the Faith!

Therefore what Pope Francis has done in ordering these documents published in the AAS and what Cardinal Parolin has done in issuing his own maliciously false statement must be judged by all true Catholics as manifest acts of pertinacious heretical adhesion to the denial of the Apostolic Tradition, which, in fidelity to Christ Jesus, who declared: “Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6), has ever taught that the Sacraments must be denied to the impenitent and that the Sacred ministers of the Sacraments must deny them in public to those who live in public sin.

Our Association, dedicated to opposing the errors and heresies of Cardinal Kasper has opposed the errors of Bergoglio from its inception in 2015. We remain committed to this course and therefore solicit the assistance of all to make this imperfect Synod a reality.

We therefore implore all faithful Catholics to urge with the greatest clarity and insistence that the Bishops and Cardinals convene such a Synod and do so at the very first opportunity!

There is no more time left for those who sit on the fence, with those who for the sake of human respect or custom refuse to act out of divine charity and faith, for the salvation of souls, in particular for that of Bergoglio, and for the unity of the Church!

This is not the time to think of your career, your personal reputation, your job, your blog, your website, your ecclesiastical office, etc.. The matter is apocalyptic in every true sense of the word! Do not by your inaction let yourself be counted among those stars of heaven which were cast down by the tail of the dragon! (Apocalypse 12:4)

Finally, while from the point of view of strict legality, we hold that it is right that Bergoglio not be denied the 3 fold public remonstration due him by canonical tradition, due to the gravity of the crisis we are of the opinion that Catholics may now act as if the Papacy is vacant and that Bergoglio is outside the church as a contumacious and pertinacious heretic, on account of what he ordered published in the Acta Apostolica Sedis, if they but work for the convention of the imperfect Synod out of the motives we have enumerated here above.


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10 Responses to The Time has Come to Convene an “Imperfect” Synod!

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    By whose authority is Veri Catholici? I’m unaware of this entity.
    I don’t doubt there needs to be a correction, but this group sounds final in its proclamation. And it’s about time corrections are made. Are the uninformed aware of this need for correction? This could be a shock!


  2. If only it could be realized that this and much more action should’ve taken place after the 2nd Vatican Council. Maybe when JP2 kissed the Qur’an or replaced a crucifix on the altar with a golden statue of Buddha. A step in the right direction but still such a long way to go…


  3. Whatever individual or group is behind the name “Veri Catholici,” it seems undeniable that “”No teaching of the Roman Pontiff is magisterium authenticum on account of an external declaration,…but it is only such when from its internal content it adheres harmoniously and conformably with the Deposit of the Faith.”


  4. Mary Salmond says:

    I went to their website. Pretty strong words. Alarmist and conspiracy theorist to an uninformed reader, but an eye opener, for sure for them. International organization out of Rome, which is nice to know Romans honor the sanctity of the Catholic Church. Wondered if all was lost there! Asking for monetary support to put in newspapers around the globe.


  5. On the Veri Catholici website, there is the text (first Italian, then English) of a petition that may be of some interest to readers of Catholicism Pure and Simple (


  6. Vicki Kapron says:

    I can’t say I’d recommend the Synod… it may just open the door to changes we would not
    necessarily desire. In reality, are the majority of the bishops against the teachings of
    Pope Francis, or just a remnant?


  7. Mary Salmond says:

    Good question. Probably some bishops don’t express their true opinion, and may secretly think the magisterium is incorrect on this. But it’s hard to guess. If the people in the pew would give their bishops feedback on this, it could be helpful. The church is not a democracy; however, a bishop should instinctively see the errors in AL by using the Gospels as proof – in Jesus’s words – and the 2000 years of tradition, council’s, and encyclicals.


  8. geoffkiernan says:

    Mary: “If the people in the pew would give their Bishops feedback…..”
    Sound advice…. my experience is that most Bishops have had the snip and are not to bothered about what the poor punter from the pew has to say. Any Bishop worth his salt would actively seek out what opinions or insights their ‘flock’ may have and with a touch of nous act accordingly. ‘Fraid it’s just to hard for most.
    My two letters requesting clarification of portions of AL from my local Arch Bishop go unanswered. like I said, most have had the snip.


  9. Toad says:

    ”The time has come to convene an Imperfect Synod…”
    Quite right. Bur where? I suggest Las Vegas. Lots of nice hotels there.
    On second thought, it might be a bit too imperfect.


  10. Mary Salmond says:

    Geoff: agreed, most Bishops won’t answer for a variety of reasons. If they have get enough mail about AL discrepancies and have enough vocal people around them, it might nudge them to consider other views. “The ones worth their salt” are few and probably distraught for their flock!


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