World Over 2018-11-01 Post Youth Synod Edition


Bishop Martin Holley in an exclusive interview, discusses his sudden removal as Bishop of Memphis, and the possible reasons for it. The Youth Synod concludes in Rome. What should Catholics be concerned about in the Synod’s final document? The Papal Posse, Robert Royal and Fr Gerald Murray offer their analysis. An update on the suffering Church in India with Bishop George Palliparambil:


It seems that Bp. Holley wasn’t the only thing removed; his interview disappeared too. (The same thing happened on Father Z’s blog.) The World Over video we posted yesterday was then replaced with a video that aired one year ago! However, the different segments of the show were later reposted on Youtube. Will they mysteriously diasappear once more?


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3 Responses to World Over 2018-11-01 Post Youth Synod Edition

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  2. Kathleen L. says:

    This is not from yesterday, this is from last year! Where is the original show? It has been taken down???


  3. kathleen says:

    @ Kathleen L.

    This is really shocking! You’re dead right – looks like they’ve substituted a World Over episode from last year for the full WO episode from 2018-11-01. Anyone’s guess why they should do this… Some compromising information revealed perhaps, making members of the lavender mafia, Freemasonry, et al somewhat uncomfortable?

    However, the second and main part of the WO episode – the interview of Raymond Arroyo with Robert Royal and Fr Gerald Murray – is still available HERE (and probably elsewhere too) so I can only assume it must have been the first part of the programmme that someone, somewhere, wanted to remove!! I watched the whole programme yesterday when my team-mate first published it: the first part was with Bishop Martin Holley discussing the possible motives for his sudden dismissal!

    Ed. See post UPDATE above.


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