Amazing Discovery Found Deep Down in the Indian Ocean: Large Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A statue of the holy Virgin Mary was discovered by chance deep in the Indian Ocean by a number of divers who had been searching for the remains of a plane that had disappeared in the area.

At her feet  were rose petals that through the law of gravity should have been floating on the surface of the water.  The statue is enormous. As can be seen in the video, it is at least double the size of a man.

It is a mystery how the statue ended up there, standing upright deep down on the ocean seabed. If it had fallen from a ship it should have broken into two, or be lying horizontally on the bottom. However, it stands perfectly erect as though placed on an altar, and with no sign of chipping or cracks. Another interesting detail is that by standing in the depth of the ocean (no one knows for how long) it should have been covered by seaweed and barnacles, but instead it is totally intact and shiny clean.

See how the surprised divers treat the statue of Mary with great awe and loving faith!

Our Lady of the Seas, pray for us and protect all seafarers from harm.


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8 Responses to Amazing Discovery Found Deep Down in the Indian Ocean: Large Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  1. This is more than an amazing discovery. It’s a miraculous phenomenon 😊

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  2. carlos10101 says:

    Reblogged this on Carlos Carrasco.


  3. This is amazing! But is it possible the divers set the statue up before filming? I hope they didn’t, but there are so many fake stories out there. Can’t be too careful.

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  4. David Dunley says:

    Sorry to say, the statue was placed by the Phillipines government to discourage dynamite fishing. It has since become a popular destination for scuba divers.

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  5. louiseyvette says:

    It looks like this statue was placed there – near a reef, near The Philippines – to deter the fishermen who were using dynamite (!) for fishing. It is still pretty interesting though that the statue is very clean etc.


  6. Sam Sham says:

    Saw this same footage several months ago.


  7. Akita says:

    Our Lady, Star of the Sea, come to the aid of The Church, drowning in a tsunami of Modernism.

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  8. kathleen says:

    I wonder whether both stories could be true. Let me explain:

    Perhaps the first divers searching for a lost aircraft really did come upon the tall statue of Our Lady of Fatima on the sea bed totally by surprise – hence the original report that was spread on the web. Then it would have been discovered that the statue had not appeared out of nowhere but had been placed there by the Philippine Government to deter the destructive measures of fishermen who had been using explosives. After all, at first only those in the fishing trade would have been aware of the sunken statue of the Virgin Mary. Later on though, the real story would have become known and spread abroad.

    Even though this appears to no longer be a “mystery” as the article reports, it is nevertheless still a touching story and a vivid demonstration of the fervent love the faithful Philippine people hold for Our Blessed Mother Mary.


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