Pachamama: New to the Vatican But No Stranger to the UN

UNEP Pachamama Course

By Edward Pentin:

The United Nations Environment Programme published a children’s textbook in 2002 interestingly entitled Pachamama — a course on why the world’s environment is being degraded and an assessment of “how our Mother Earth is doing today.”

The UNEP says in the book that “Pachamama” means not just ‘Mother Earth’ in Inca culture but also “living in total harmony with the Earth and not from the Earth. It suggests a lifestyle in harmony with nature.”

During the Amazon Synod last month, what the Holy Father called “Pachamama” statues regularly appeared in churches, ceremonies and the synod hall. Pictures of indigenous people bowing down before them in the Vatican Gardens and in a church nearby led many faithful to see them as idols, leading Austrian Catholic Alexander Tschugguel to seize four of them and throw them into the Tiber.

The UNEP’s Pachamama course appears benign by contrast but its first of 7 modules is about “population growth,” teaching children that populations grow “more slowly” if each set of parents “only has one child.”

Activity 4 is about “Traditional or Indigenous Attitudes” and gives examples of “attitudes of ancient or contemporary indigenous cultures towards Mother Earth.”

It also predictably argues for “sustainable development” and goes on to teach about such subjects as “measuring pollution,” “government action,” and “understanding biodiversity.”

In its children’s book, the UNEP doesn’t describe the Pachamama as an idol of course — instead it seems to have just borrowed the word for the course’s title which consists of contributions from young people, authors and artists.

But the connection with the “Pachamama” and the UNEP shows that its appearance at the synod did not happen by chance, and is, in its own way, another indication of the ever-increasing “inculturation” of the UN and the global environmental movement into the very marrow of the Vatican.


As an addendum, Melinda Gates, a liberal Catholic whose Gates Foundation promotes among its projects similar globalist values diametrically opposed to Church teaching, privately met the Pope on Wednesday, according to a reliable source. The Vatican and the Gates Foundation were asked twice if they could confirm the meeting but neither responded.


See here what Fr Z has to say about this

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8 Responses to Pachamama: New to the Vatican But No Stranger to the UN

  1. Mary Anne says:

    You are so right. The appearance of this idol at the sin nod was not by chance. I am so disgusted and on edge about all of this that I can’t think of any fitting words anymore. At least none that I would put to paper. We can’t seem to get rid of the man who is governing the Church right now. It would be nice if someone stole ALL of his white garments, including the beanie He would lose a lot of prestige if he had to appear to his world wide adoring fellow idol worshippers and communists and masons, without papal attire. I mean wearing a suit and tie … We can’t seem to do anything! Alexander, who threw the idols in the Tiber, has done the strongest (physically) Nothing against our wonderful Archbishops either. They are speaking to us … thank God … their words are SAVING us.


  2. Mary Anne says:

    I put your post on FaceBook. Thank you for writing it.


  3. Mary Anne says:

    Reblogged this on HAURIETIS AQUAS and commented:
    The Destroyer was hard at work in 2002 (and before) This UN book was fed to our children.


  4. Kate Guilfoyle says:

    I just read, in the Catholic Thing, an article by Alessandra Nucci, about Vladimir Bukovsky, the Soviet dissident, where she stated that Bukovsky told her that he had been given access to the KGB files by Boris Yeltsin, which revealed that, at the fall of communism, the KGB commenced a program of infiltration into the European Union. Anybody who has ever wondered at the change in the EU from about that time -that is the reason; gay marriage, all the anti-family, anti-Catholic movements fostered under the EU-fits perfectly with the Marxist objective of destruction of the family and religion (especially Catholic), untrammelled immigration of Islam, the enemy of Christianity etc. This information (which should be front page news – particularly in England with the election and Brexit) made me go on an investigative hunt and I read some articles at 1 Peter 5 by Steve Skojec which linked to an article in Chiesa Viva, about Father Villa, who hunted down Masons in the Vatican. The article states that, in reality, Masonry and communism are the same – communism being the political aspect of it. It pointed pretty clearly to some very Masonic signs in the current Vatican culture. I realise that commenters here are on to the fact that there is a big Masonic presence in the Vatican (I see Mary Anne’s comment here), and I am also aware that one should not get too preoccupied with unseen secret societies and conspiracies (bad for health). However, the Masonic powers explain the Novus Ordo Mass, (Lutheran and a negation of the sacrifice on Calvary), the elevation of the ‘risen Christ’ (the deification of man), the fact that the Latin Mass was suppressed (it contains the truth of the Catholic sacrificial nature of the Mass), and the evolution into the current situation with this joke of a pope. It also explains the existence of the homosexual networks, all of which could not have occurred without complicity in the upper hierarchy. And, note that the loyalty of a Mason is to his fellow Mason over and above any other loyalty or oath. So what did Pope Francis do when confronted with allegations of sexual abuse? Did he prosecute? Hmm. What did he do when confronted by Vigano’s allegations? Did he prosecute/respond?
    What we must do is not leave, but recognise that these people are an organisation that relies on ambition and uses blackmail and compromise of people to get their way. They have the power and they will not give it up lightly. But we have the truth and the beauty of the true faith. They will not be affected by our anger/disapproval or despair- they expect opposition. But we must resist and call them out when they try to preach their Masonic religion to us. In the upper degrees of Masonry, they enthrone Lucifer (see J’ai Frappe a la Porte du Temple by serge Abad-Gallardo – if you read French). They will be known by their fruits.


  5. It saddens me to watch these things happen in our day. Several years ago, I researched into the “dark green” movement and saw how powerful the figures were behind it. These special interest groups are influential at the highest levels throughout the world. Disturbed by what I saw, I wrote the dystopian Chasing Liberty trilogy (

    Green politics elevate nature above all things and consider humans the “plague of the earth,” rather than the superior species made in the image and likeness of God. In my story the governments have united under the name Regimen Custodia Terra (government for the care/protection of the earth). They believe in zero population growth and population reduction. Most of nature was off limits, except small designated cities. In order to accomplish their goals, the traditional family and Christian religion had to be eliminated. No faith, family or freedom. The government controls everything, indoctrinating one generation after the other with their dark green politics.

    A small group rebels, takes a stand against the Regimen and the dark culture. It is possible. But we must each do our part.


  6. Bridget Gerlacki says:

    Another way our children are being brain-washed. The Earth has gone through millions and millions of weather changes….no fault of the dinosaurs, no fault of the eskimos, no ones fault,….that’s the way God made it….ever-growing, ever changing. PLEASE STOP this nonsense and let children be children and not worry about this ridiculous worry you have created. Basic Rule: Clean up after yourself….


  7. kathleen says:

    Kate, thank you very much for these bone-chilling revelations. They may be news for many, but given the current disastrous state of the Church under Francis and his Pachamama pals I doubt anyone will be surprised.

    Yes, Freemasonry and Communism are essentially the same! They possess identical Satanical, godless, evil aims, and the same hatred for their greatest stumbling block, the One True Apostolic Church founded by Christ, the Catholic Church. They will stop at nothing to see Her fall in ruins.
    As you so rightly state: all the more reason never to be tempted to leave and run, but instead to stand and fight valiantly against Her enemies. We should feel honoured! We are the generation, out of the millions of former or future generations, who have been chosen by God for these times to defend the Truth contained in the never-changing doctrinal teachings of His Church, so greviously openly and underhandedly attacked by Satan’s agents, both from without and (far worse) from within Her walls.
    Our enemies are extremely well-organised and powerful; it won’t be an easy task. We must indeed prepare ourselves well by much prayer for courage and wisdom, fasting when possible, and (something often overlooked) making sure the younger upcoming generations are properly evangelised with the Truth. They will have to carry on the fight when we have gone. The contaminating liberal agenda being broadcast everywhere by most politicians the MSM, and taught in schools, many parishes, etc., must be shown up for the Lie it truly is.

    These days Russia is in large part a country fervently recovering her Christian roots. But “the errors of Russia” i.e., atheistic communism, have indeed been spread over the Earth, just as Our Lady warned us at Fatima. The UN is perhaps its greatest proponent.


  8. John A. Kehoe says:

    I* am always surprised that Benson’s “Lord of the World” is cited as one of the Holy Father’s favourite books, as there seem to be clear parallels between this idea of Pachamama as the spirit of nature and the idolatrous worship described in that book.

    I suppose that what we are witnessing is no more than a continuation of the drift into the “Church as social pressure group” model that we had foisted on us after the Council. I pray that there may come a time when we can breath safely in the knowledge that these errors lie in the past.

    * As any fule kno, John didn’t write this.


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