A Harvard Professor’s Conversion to the Catholic Faith

The testimony of Roy Schoeman’s mystical experiences and conversion to Catholicism has already touched many souls who have heard him at retreat centres and similar venues throughout the world. In the newly released video below, the former Professor at Harvard Business School speaks about his acceptance of atheism when he went to university and how it dragged him into a pit of hopelessness. He shares how God personally intervened in his life in a miraculous way. Now working as a Catholic speaker and inspiring thousands of believers and nonbelievers with his story, he has found the true meaning of life and the overflowing ocean of God’s Love.

Roy Schoeman is the author of Salvation is from the Jews (available in Uk here and US here) and Honey from the Rock (UK here and US here).


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2 Responses to A Harvard Professor’s Conversion to the Catholic Faith

  1. Maureen Avila says:

    What a beautiful conversion story!… or ‘fulfillment’ story as some Jewish converts prefer to think of themselves as “fulfilled Jews” rather than converts to Catholicism.
    A book I loved by Dr. Taylor Marshall comes to mind; The Crucified Rabbi .


  2. kathleen says:

    @ Maureen Avila

    I agree: this is so beautuful.

    I have always found conversion stories of men and women from the Jewish faith to Catholicism particularly moving. Perhaps this is because the journey is usually such a long painful one at first (and Prof. Schoeman gives some of the reasons for this) or perhaps it is the thought of the mind-blowing revelation that must hit them when they come to realise that Jesus truly is the Messiah, their Messiah, and how all the Jewish prophesies suddenly fall into place. The wonderful testimony then given by Jewish converts, like St Edith Stein and many others, produce abundant good fruits.


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