New video documentary about Benedict XVI from German TV

Hat tip to Father Z for alerting us to this:

At National Catholic Register the intrepid Ed Pentin has posted that there is a 30 minute video documentary in German about Pope Benedict XVI’s life in the Vatican Gardens.  It aired on German TV on 3 January.   HERE

It is in German, of course.

It is quite beautiful and respectful.  There are quite a few images from inside his present residence in the Vatican Garden and a good deal of information about his youth.

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  1. JabbaPapa says:

    There is a book forthcoming by Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah, to be published first in French as Des Profondeurs de nos Coeurs (From the Depths of our Hearts), which will include a powerful defense of priestly celibacy.

    One Extract :

    What does it mean to be a priest of Jesus Christ? (…) The essence of the priestly ministry is defined in the first place by the fact of standing before the Lord, to keep watch for Him, being there for Him. (…) This means for us to stand before the Lord who is present; that is, it points to the Eucharist as the center of priestly life. (…) The priest must be someone who watches. He must be vigilant in the face of the threatening powers of evil. He must keep the world alert for God. He must be someone who stands on the edge: straight in the face of the current of time. Straight in the truth. Straight in commitment to the service of good. Standing before the Lord must always also mean taking care of men before the Lord who, in turn, takes care of all of us before the Father. And this must mean supporting Christ, his Word, his truth, his love. The priest must be upright, courageous and even willing to suffer insults for the Lord. (…) The priest must be a person full of rectitude, vigilant, who stands upright. To all this is added the need to serve. (…) If the liturgy is a central duty of the priest, it also means that prayer must be a priority reality which must be learned ever anew and ever more deeply at the school of Christ and of the saints of all times.

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

    I would say that the essence of this is what it means to be a Catholic Christian.


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