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Your Choice: Christ or the Demons

By Msgr. Stephen Rossetti from Exorcist Diary: A mystic told me she had a vision of hell. In that vision, she heard souls pitifully crying out, “Please God, save me.” But, in hell, they were beyond hope.* Their cries were … Continue reading

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Catholic laity beg Pope Francis to honor Mother Mary, not Mother Earth in open letter

PARIS, France, December 12, 2019, LifeSiteNews: A group of Catholic laypeople have written an open letter to Pope Francis imploring him to condemn the idolatry of mother earth (Pachamama) that recently took place at the Vatican and to confirm them … Continue reading

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The #AmazonSynod and what happened AFTER the Golden Calf Incident

 By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf at Fr. Z’s Blog: Bp Athanasius Schneider recently penned a piece which likened the introduction and honoring of the demonic wooden idols, the amazonian Pachamama figures – whether they are part of a cobbled-up fake cult … Continue reading


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