Gospel: 29th Sunday in OT

All Along the Watchtower

Luke 18:1-8


St Augustine comments that it is not the length of prayer, but persistence in it that the Lord praises; God knows what we need before we ask for it. The widow, because of her persistence could not be treated with contempt even by an unjust Judge; how much more, therefore, will the only Just Judge heed our petitions?

Origen reminds us that God is with those who pray, and appeal with those who make appeals to Him; but He does not pray with those who do not pray, neither can Christ be our advocate if we do not appeal to Him and the Father.

St Cyril of Alexandria says that the parable assures us that God will bend his ear to those who pray to him with earnestness and constancy; but we cannot expect the same if we are negligent or careless in our prayer. If the constant…

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