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Is my prayer good enough?

Sister Carmen Laudis at RC Spiritual Direction tackles a reader’s question which has troubled many a faithful Catholic through the ages: Q.  Dear Sister, my prayer experiences don’t seem good enough or holy enough, long enough or intense enough. Do you … Continue reading

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The Noble Mole

Moles spend most of their life underground, and only become newsworthy when they surface, with much mess, in the middle of a pristine lawn in some pleasant English country garden. Moles are in fact Catholic, and their subterranean lifestyle is … Continue reading

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Busy Doin’ Nothink

Sometimes, when I am at a loss about God, I challenge Him. I say interriorly to Him, “go on, show yourself. I won’t interfere, just show yourself”. And then I just sit there, like a stone and wait for Him, … Continue reading

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