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Bible Bashers

We’ve all met them. Those eager street or doorstep preachers with retracted eyelids clutching their tome. They want to SAVE you, by convincing you about how they have been SAVED. They flood your sensorium with quotes from that book, which … Continue reading

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A Day of Retreat at Aylesford

Aylesford (which means a “crossing place for all peoples”) is a small village in the English county of Kent where in 1242, a group of hermits from Mount Carmel fleeing the violent Saracen attacks, were given land to establish a … Continue reading

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Nailing jelly to the wall

Once again Ches hits the nail on the head: … today’s events in Rome are another indication of how complex it is trying to get a handle on this pope. I have no need to rehearse again here the various … Continue reading

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LMS Oxford Pilgrimage

Scenes from last year’s pilgrimage This Saturday, 19th October, is the Latin Mass Society’s Oxford Pilgrimage in honour of Oxford’s Catholic Martyrs. For more details please see Dr Shaw’s piece here.

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