Three Catholic Memes – giving us some food for thought




We are just so misunderstood! 😉

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7 Responses to Three Catholic Memes – giving us some food for thought

  1. mkenny114 says:

    I second that!


  2. Catherine Geldart says:

    OOOH! I do get cross!


  3. GC says:

    Thanks, kathleen.

    It’s all rather like Simcha Fisher’s recent blog on the National Catholic register:

    The AP Stylebook of Galileo, Pedophiles, and Galileo


  4. mkenny114 says:

    That NCR article is hilarious too! I particularly like the following:

    ‘In general, when reporting on Catholic issues, recall that there no resources available for fact-checking…

    …Also, if Pope Francis does something or says something, you can assume that no pope has ever done or said it before. There is no need to research this. For instance, if Pope Francis says something about priestly celibacy being a discipline, not a dogma, you could Google “Benedict XVI priestly celibacy dogma,” and you might learn that they said more or less the same thing, and are both in favor of continuing this discipline. But why would you do that? You’re a reporter, for crying out loud. There’s such a thing as a deadline, okay?’



  5. Reblogged this on theraineyview and commented:
    Had to share these. Another of my fave “things Jesus never said” memes is on the Temple pavement, where Jesus is talking tot he woman caught in adultery, and He says, “Go and do whatever makes you happy.”


  6. Soumya Prakash says:

    What happened in the second picture?


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