How did we get to the point where we are?

From Fr Z’s blog:

Sunlight and fire are both effective in purifying.

In the wake of The Viganò Testimony and in accord with what Francis said on the airplane, we need to get to the bottom of things, investigate, open the dark places up for exposure to light.   I say that we also need to debride the wounds in the Body of Christ and may even apply fire to cauterize.

Here is a video I picked up via a tweet by Damian Thompson.  It is part of a story at PJMedia.

We are all, I think, striving to understand how we got to the point where we are.

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11 Responses to How did we get to the point where we are?

  1. Mary Salmond says:

    Fr. Z, we got this far because it was allowed to and went south for silence. Only a minority of priests seems to think we need to investigate, the rest are ready to call it under the bridge and keep on flowing. Church Militant will not let it go; so I will continue to follow them in the hopes they can make some big waves. I am encouraged by the minority of priests who will continue to speak loudly about the travesties, regardless of how important climate change is to the pope. Cupich is a real fraud, in my book. Latino discrimination? Really? The dumbest excuses I’ve ever heard by an elite.

  2. planechant2 says:

    Unbelievable! The whole world is judging our Church, the Church founded by Jesus Christ, God made Man. The Pope says nothing. There are good men and women, religious and lay, who must lead us through this evil period and back to God. This Pope must go.

  3. Now added a sidebar photo to my blog: “I’m with Cardinal Viganó” Click on it and you get a great sermon too! from Sunday 16/09/2018:

  4. Crow says:

    Gareth Thomas – thank you for the amazing sermon. It is very important that these qualities of Archbishop Viganò are reiterated. Who is the priest? It is very moving.
    As tomorrow is an ember day, I am going to fast for the Church. I do think, however, that mere demands for resignations are not enough. There needs to be an intra-Church inquiry, overseen by laity. We will not get a response from Pope Francis – that is his modus operandi. The inquiry will have to be conducted independently of the Vatican.
    I have looked at your blog, by the way. The pilgrims in the photograph are at Conques?
    I am wondering if you have taken your donkeys on the chemin in south-west France?

  5. Hi Crow. I too wondered who was the priest in the recording but I couldn’t find it attributed. Possibly to protect him from his bishop?

    Yes, you are very observant: the pilgrims with donkeys were in Conques but the Romanesque abbey of St Foy is not in view. I took that photo in 2006, and the bicycle I was riding at that time is parked against the wall. I had been so determined to make it to Conques for morning Mass that I arrived in the rain at 2 am and slept in the church doorway till 7 am Mass. I took a few photos of the donkeys and pilgrims and never forgot the sight, which led to my walking with donkeys on the Compostela roads in south west France and then to buying my own donkeys here in Spain. See the rest of the Conques photo sequence here:

  6. Crow says:

    Dear Gareth, your photos of Conques are so evocative and your donkeys are beautiful. I too had the same experience with pilgrims on donkeys at Conques, two very young children had walked 55ks and very little ones were carried on the donkeys. Apposite to this article, the (is it tympanum?) the front facade of the abbey at Conques, features a relief sculpture which depicts monks suffering the torments of hell!
    Now, my next question-did you take your donkeys to the Gite l’Ancien Carmel, in Moissac in about 2012?

  7. Nope. I was in Moissac on the Le Puy pilgrim route at the time mentioned above. Pilgrims with donks are quite common on the chemins de Compostelle in France.

  8. Crow says:

    Sorry, it was 2013. It is just that your photo is identical to a man who had donkeys that were tethered outside the gite.

  9. I deny it all and I am prepared to testify before a Senate sub-committee.

  10. Anyway, returning to the main subject, I am still awaiting some explanation from Church Militant as to why they think the so-called “300 page dossier” has been released to anybody. Over the years I have found that the sound and fury from CM is rarely matched by any journalistic competence and the latest “great revelation” from them only leads us into a cul-de-sac in a fairly unreliable Italian tabloid newspaper that doesn’t even follow up its own “sensational” story from two weeks ago. Very poor, Church Militant. Could do better. Grade C-

  11. Crow says:

    Ok, I will admit that eyewitness testimony is the most fraught – I will go off and lick my wounds. I am not sure that a sub-committee is needed…

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