Mumbo-Jumbo in the Vatican Gardens

Francis took part in an embarrassing October 4 pagan ritual in the Vatican gardens. In order to deceive the faithful, it was labelled as “Consecration of the Amazon Synod to Saint Francis.”

The mumbo-jumbo started with a dance around a blanket, placed on the lawn and symbolising “Mother Earth.” In the middle of the blanket were two statues of a naked man and a naked woman.

A female shaman, with feathers in her hair, lifted her hands for some kind of invocation while sixteen concelebrants knelt and bowed around the blanket.

Francis sat nearby surrounded by cardinals, bishops, and normal people. He closed his eyes as if he were “praying”.

Finally, the shaman shook a rattle, went up to Francis and fooled him by casting some spells on his hands.

Watch the video over at Gloria TV

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4 Responses to Mumbo-Jumbo in the Vatican Gardens

  1. Robert John Bennett says:

    Thank you VERY much! I’ve been looking for a website that had this video, ever since Michael Hichborn mentioned it on LifeSiteNews. I tweeted a copy of this article to the Vatican. Someone there (although certainly not this confused pope, of course) might be interested in what’s being said about the “Mumbo-Jumbo in the Vatican Gardens,” in addition to Hichborn’s perceptive comments.

  2. carolynkimberly84 says:

    This is the MOMENT! Either the bishops get their heads out of their socialist politics and start preaching Christ crucified, Catholicism is DOA

  3. Now that he has accepted a spell on his hands… What next? Will he confect the Eucharist at his next mass? He has gone over to idolatry. Do not expect anything good out of this Synod. Except for the voices of opposition.

  4. vrs says:

    Come on. Where is the zeitgeist of Assisi? Try to find there some seeds of truth, human dignity and a proof of the authentic action of the Spirit.

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