You have seen the logo for the 2025 Jubilee?

Posted by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf on his blog:

It’s really something.  I can’t tell you what that makes me think of.

A lot of people submitted designs.  This is the fellow who designed it.


His name is Giacomo Travisani.  There is a story in Italian HERE.

Someone today mentioned an additional fact about him, so I looked around.

Same guy?

I think it may be.   If so, he is a specialist in all sorts of techniques of massage.

That’s different!

From the site:

Il mio bagaglio professionale vanta di diverse tecniche di massaggio quali:

  • Massaggio Base Svedese;
  • Massaggio Ayurvedico Abyangam;
  • Massaggio Californiano Emozionale;
  • Massaggio Hawaiano Lomi Lomi Nui;
  • Massaggio Thai oil;
  • Massaggio Sportivo;
  • Massaggio Decontratturante;
  • Linfodrenaggio Vodder;
  • Taping Kinesiologico;
  • Massaggio Thailandese Tradizionale;
  • Massaggio Anticellulite;
  • Massaggio Kirei e Kobido;
  • Anatomia Palpatoria.

I can’t say I know what those are.

I’m not a graphic artist.

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