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The Heroic Virtues of Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto

From the Irish Society of Christian Civilisation: originally published in the Crusade Magazine Francisco and Jacinta Marto are the youngest non-martyred children ever to be beatified (and later, canonised). They were raised to the honour of the altars not simply … Continue reading

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True confessions of a confessor: Everything you ever wanted to know about penances

  By Michelle McDaniel at The Pillar: For Catholics who frequent the sacrament of penance, it might seem a familiar scenario – Saturday afternoon in the confession line. Multiple priests hearing confessions, but people in line are trying their best … Continue reading

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Lent : Starting off with a Plan

So the pre-Lent time of Septuagésima, Sexagesima and, last Sunday, Quinquagesima, are over, and the forty days of Lent are upon us, starting on Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and abstinence. Have we thought about how we are going … Continue reading

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Think Lent is Tough? Take a Look at Medieval Lenten Practices

by Angelus Press * Today’s Latin Catholics would be well-served to review the norms of early Christians as they prepared for Easter. The Lenten fast for Latin Catholics living in the years of the third millennium of Christianity often means … Continue reading

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Practicing, but nowhere near perfect!

From time to time, I fall into the sin of the contented Pharisee – ‘Lord,  I thank thee that I am not as others are… extortioners, unjust, adulterers.’ It is so easy to compare myself favourably with those in public … Continue reading

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