A Prayer for the Synod


tumblr_luyuhhu1A81qcjvpvo1_500Dear Lord Jesus Christ, the eyes of all men now look on those who are entrusted in a special way with the care of your Bride as they deliberate in Synod.

Knowing that the gates of hell shall never prevail against Your Holy Church, yet aware of many denials and betrayals by current bishops and their predecessors, we come to you begging that this event give no scandal to the faithful, no compromise to Your revealed truth, no comfort to the enemies of Holy Church and no plausible pretext for those who seek to continue in unrepented mortal sin.

Fill your children with a passionate zeal to cleanse the world of the grievous offenses against human dignity found in polygamy, divorce, concubinage, bastardy, fornication, pornography, promiscuity, sexual obsession, child abuse, the love of violence, relativism and all other forms of idolatry, eugenics and euthanasia in all their many forms, the misguided tolerance of sexual depravity as a behaviour and the most reprehensible of all atrocities, the imposition of sexual depravity as a component of human identity and as a sacrilegious substitute for human families to the extent that those who have fallen into these sins come to repentance; those who advocate the open practice of such evils be debilitated by shame and guilt; those whose minds are unstained by knowledge of such sins remain innocent; those who learn of such atrocities be overwhelmed with contempt, disgust, horror and revulsion at them; and that no human society ever again deem sexual depravity a topic suitable for public mention. Amen.

(With thanks to Gregg the Obscure who posted this prayer in the comments section of Fr Z’s blog)

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3 Responses to A Prayer for the Synod

  1. Michael says:


  2. johnhenrycn says:

    Likewise (^) brother. What I especially appreciate about Gregg the Obscure‘s exhortation is that it is not at all obscure, but rather spells out with unabashed specificity the precise evils that some – I fear many – synod fathers, such as the risible Fr Thomas (“I Will Sue”) Rosica are urging Catholics to “embrace” as the “new reality”:
    “[The Church should] “embrace reality as it is and not be afraid of new and complex situations.”

  3. Michael says:

    johnhenry @ 15:05, October 9th:

    Yes indeed – it is very specific, and very clear, tailored directly to the particular evils that need addressing at the moment. It has a very ‘classic’ feel to it as well – a familiar sense of tone and rhythm – all in all, an excellent (and timely) prayer!

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