Fr Richard Heilman: “Yes, I Believe President Trump was an Answer to Prayers”

Our country has been in a cultural and spiritual free-fall, led by the ruling class … the elites of our day. Killing babies, redefining marriage, grown men in little girls’ bathrooms, etc., etc. … most of us are punch-drunk by one blow after another to all we have ever held as true and good and beautiful.

Monica Crowley, at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2017 Restoration Weekend (Nov. 16th-19th), gives a stirring speech that identifies all of the forces President Donald Trump has faced and is facing. It’s mind-boggling when one sees it all laid out like this. As Monica lays out so clearly, the seemingly invincible ruling class has met up with a formidable opponent in Donald Trump, and they are scared to death. Could it be that we may be freed from the stranglehold of “Secular Satanism” by way of President Donald Trump?

I am not working for the cause for President Trump’s canonization, but I do believe, through the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people of faith, we may have been delivered a Constantine. Blaise Joseph wrote about this (see HERE). Just imagine if Hillary Clinton won??

Finally, there is no real earthly explanation as to how President Trump is surviving and, in fact, thriving, while every possible force of evil has marshaled together to destroy him. That’s because, in my estimation, earthly explanations have little to do with this.

Here is part of the transcript from Monica Crowley’s speech. The full video is below.

“The swamp is the ruling class and it’s comprised of the elites on all sides of the political spectrum. Why has it always dominated? We sort of take it for granted. Why has it always dominated despite repeated attempts by noble patriots over many years to try to chip away at its monstrous power?

The short answer is that the swamp controls all the levers of power in this country, and they have the capability and the will to destroy anyone and anything that threatens its grip. The swamp is the perfect embodiment of Lord Acton’s warning that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are so many other adages that we can apply to this epic cesspool of money and power and status and influence all contributing to the supreme human and institutional corruption that we see in Washington, D.C. It’s everywhere and it’s so daunting. It is a tsunami that comes and crushes anybody in its path. It’s elected officials on both sides. It’s the establishment on both sides. Their staffs, the media, federal bureaucracies, special interests, lobbyists, even some in the deep state who are supposed to only be focused on America’s external threats, and even some in law and law enforcement who are only supposed to be interested in applying equal justice under the law. They’ve all become corrupted, and this ruling class has dined out on this rotten status quo for a hell of a long time … until now.

Because finally, finally this country has elected someone not of, by, and for the swamp, someone who owes them nothing and does not fear them: Donald J. Trump … [he] scare[s] the living hell out of the ruling class. Having failed to destroy their nemesis during the campaign, they have now redoubled their efforts to kill his presidency …

First, he beat back 16 professional Republicans, some of whom had over $100 million dollars and then he has to fight a multi-front war on a different level. Think about it this way. Donald Trump had to fend off relentless and brutal attacks from the then President of the United States, the White House, Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton machine, the far left, the Democrat establishment, the Republican establishment, Hollywood, the Academy and the media, whew, and yet, despite that unprecedented assault, he won that war too …

Ratcheting up the pressure on this President in ways we have never seen before, deeply dangerous ways that really imperil this great nation. That is not an overstatement. The ruling class has weaponized political opposition in truly lethal ways. Leaking state secrets, check. Spreading continuous lies, check. Torpedoing his agenda in Congress, check. Infecting the popular culture, check. Poisoning the minds of our youth, check. Undermining confidence in our common values and institutions, check. Overt campaigns questioning the President’s legitimacy and mental fitness, check. Open talk about removing the duly-elected President from office, check. Instigating violence by aligning with and supporting radical violent groups like Antifa, check. And by the way, that’s just George Soros and his minions on an average Wednesday.

This is what this President is up against.”


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30 Responses to Fr Richard Heilman: “Yes, I Believe President Trump was an Answer to Prayers”

  1. The Raven says:

    Good Lord! What a load of old tripe!

    Trump’s only redeeming feature was that he wasn’t Clinton.

    He’s a tawdry secular politician- let’s not pretend he was anything less than the least terrible choice on the ballot.

    I do wish that we would stop sacralising serving secular politicians – at best the do little harm, at worse their little more than a tool of the devil. Wait until history passes it’s judgmebt before claiming them as part of the divine plan.


  2. rachel says:

    He is pro – life – and against the outrageous ‘liberal’ changes.


  3. Mary Salmond says:

    Monica: you go, girl!! Amen. No, he is not perfect (who is?)
    but after 8 years of a downward spiral, depression, over-regulation, political correctness, anti-law enforcement, open borders for law breakers, deception, whining, lawlessness, etc. etc. etc., we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Pray for his strength and health in the coming years!


  4. Toad says:

    Yes, Trump has realised that ”religion” is an excellent method of leading the ignorant and credulous by the nose.
    He appeals particularly to the red-neck, Protestant, morons – when he reviles Mexicans and South and Central Americans – who are mostly all Catholic. But that’s OK, apparently.
    I was going to write that, when I read the likes of this, I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. But that wouldn’t be true.
    I know to laugh.


  5. johnservorum says:

    We can only imagine the situation we would be in right now if Hillary Clinton had been elected president.
    We would have yet another extreme liberal judge on the Supreme Court, a continuation of the government support for aborion on demand, redefinition of marriage without any bounds at all, no support for our shrinking military, a lousy economy with no tax break, etc., etc.
    In these and in many other ways Donald Trump has been a godsend.


  6. kathleen says:

    It would be hard to fathom the purpose for this constant vitriol thrown at President Donald Trump unless you understand who these “ruling classes” of the world really are, their sinister aims, and what they are hoping to achieve.

    I had never heard the term, “The Swamp”, to describe them, but knowing that George Soros is pulling the strings, we get a pretty clear idea of the answers. In one word, it is Freemasonry! They want to create a godless universe and a New World Order. The Catholic Church was always their greatest stumbling block – hence their vicious attacks on Her – and now they have Donald Trump blocking their way too!!! No wonder they’re so hopping mad and desperate, stepping up their hate campaign against him, and using the MSM (who is in their pockets) to reach the general public.

    Donald Trump stands for many of the same values as Catholics, and indeed many good moral people of other faiths: family, life, law and order, etc.

    See his promises to Catholics in 2016 before his election:

    “I have a message for Catholics: I will be there for you. I will stand with you. I will fight for you. I am, and will remain, pro-life. I will defend your religious liberties and the right to fully and freely practice your religion, as individuals, business owners and academic institutions.”

    He wrote that Catholics are “a rich part of our nation’s history” and that “the United States was, and is, strengthened through Catholic men, women, priests and religious Sisters.”

    And his “Very Catholic” speech last year in Poland.

    Knowing all this (and much more) all I can say is, “Long live President Trump”!
    Now watch the hate-missiles coming my way…


  7. Toad says:

    ”Donald Trump stands for many of the same values as Catholics, and indeed many good moral people of other faiths: family, life, law and order, etc.”
    But how do you justify his marital and public sexual record, Kathleen? That he recently spent 160,000 paying a porn actress to keep quiet about his disgusting behaviour? His shameless boasting of ”pussy grabbing”? He has no clue what ‘ morality’ means. All he knows, loves, or cares about – is money, power, and sex.
    I must, equally shamefully, admit I have far too much in common with him (except for the love of money) in my past life. (too old now.)
    But then, I would never dream of running for public office – with my background. I’d have to lie too much and it’s not worth it. Trump doesn’t care.’

    ”Donald Trump stands for many of the same values as Catholics..”
    Not all Catholics. And shame on the ones for whom he does.


  8. Mary Salmond says:

    Yes, the one billionaire who supplies money to anti-life activists, foreign entities, and socialistic activities is in on the game against President Trump and all he stands for in America.


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  10. The Raven says:

    Yep, hear what you’re saying, Johnservorum: I would not want Clinton (or any other Dem) making SCOTUS picks, but do we really have to blind ourselves to the rest of the Trump package?

    And how is this philanderer, this serial adulterer, this pussy-grabber habitúe of Studio 54 anything other than a supporter of the liberal order?

    And how on earth can anyone characterise this guy who inherited his wealth and spent his life as an insider in business and politics as being anything other than pretty “swampy” in his own right?


  11. johnhenrycn says:

    I wish the president well, but like The Raven, I have few illusions In Re Trump.


  12. thewahookid says:

    Let us celebrate together, this victory of the new government stepping into place in our nation. It is a victory of good over evil.”


  13. JabbaPapa says:

    toad : Yes, Trump has realised that ”religion” is an excellent method of leading the ignorant and credulous by the nose


    And voltairian ideology isn’t ???


  14. kathleen says:

    Toad @ 17:01 yesterday

    But how do you justify his marital and public sexual record, Kathleen? That he recently spent 160,000 paying a porn actress to keep quiet about his disgusting behaviour? ….

    So she apparently didn’t “keep quiet” then! Could it be that George Soros’ minions of the “Trump Smear Campaign” topped the offer to the porn actress, Toad? 😉
    Or maybe the whole story was a fabrication, the waving of piles of $$$ stirring the imagination of the greedy and unscrupulous. … Who knows?

    I am not “justifying” anything about Donald Trump’s past, whatever you say. (Most people have a “past”, as you say yourself.) He is no saint; Fr Heilman points that out in the article, and I’m sure Trump too would be the first to admit it.
    But his pro-life, pro-family values, his unashamed Christian sympathies, his desire to control immigration* to keep undesirables (notably Islamic militants posing as migrants and Mexican drug and rape gangs) out of the U.S.A., his love for his country, and many other positive qualities – for unlike many of our spineless European politicians, Trump is pure grit – make him deserving of praise.

    * re immigration – Trump is not against legal and controlled immigration. Nations have the right, and even the duty to safeguard their homelands from invasions of foreigners often with alien ideologies.

    And as you know, I am not an American citizen myself; but I see clearly what is going on here!

    The smear campaign against Trump continues….
    The anti-Trump bashers prove my point that The Swamp collective are successfully “stepping up their hate campaign against him, and using the MSM (who is in their pockets) to reach the general public.”


  15. johnhenrycn says:

    Coincidentally, my February issue of the New Oxford Review arrived yesterday. It’s a spotlessly orthodox publication (published in the left wing fever swamp of Berkeley, California no less) well known for its trenchant attacks on the likes of Bishop Fred, Fr Flapdoodle, Sr Snakebite and St Bozo’s Parish. There’s a long article in the current issue entitled “Pro-lifers, You’ve Been Played” featuring the NOR’s take on President “Blow My Own Horn” Trumpet. (Sorry about the paywall). I agree with the editors who end by saying:

    “It’s become trendy among pro-lifers to label the Democratic Party the ‘Party of Death’. But that doesn’t make the Republican Party the ‘Party of Life’ – far from it. At this moment there is no viable major American political party worthy of that mantle. We pro-lifers need to stop pretending there is.”

    Also of background interest is this Washington Post summary of Trump’s ever changing evolving stance on abortion. He’ll go back to being pro-choice (or at least lukewarm on life) when it suits him. Wait and see. In the meantime, try not to be hoodwinked.


  16. johnhenrycn says:

    The WaPo link seems to be broken, but here’s another summary of Trump’s abortion related opinions over the years.


  17. The Raven says:

    Thanks, JH, I suspected that he had performed a few volte-faces over this issue.

    Trump’s louche proclivities were well attested to before he got into the White House: how can a divorcee, a sex-pest and adulterer possibly be described as an upholder of family values?

    If you’re going to valorise anyone who is pro-family and pro-life in the administration, shouldn’t you be looking at VP Pence?


  18. John says:

    “how can a divorcee, a sex-pest and adulterer possibly be described as an upholder of family values?”

    Pussy grabbing comments are nothing when you consider even stranger assertions made by Christians. How can a man who denied Jesus 3 times in one day be described as the greatest of the Apostles?


  19. John says:

    The New Testament has some very interesting comments about the sordid histories of certain Christian flocks. I don’t know why the Apostles shepherded them. What where they thinking?

    Excellent article. A triumph of good over evil.


  20. John says:

    ”how can a divorcee, a sex-pest and adulterer possibly be described as an upholder of family values?”

    What values does he uphold in his Presidency? I’m not a fool who laps up everything the swamp wants focussed on. I want you to tell me what values he has upheld in his presidency? If you want the truth you need to face up to the right questions.


  21. kathleen says:

    Performing a “volte-face” is not a crime for goodness sake!
    Many people, past and present, who have changed their views and become firm Christian believers, defenders of the Truth, were once enemies of Christ. (Ask Jabba!) Does, “there is more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents…”, etc. not ring a bell with the Trump bashers?
    In interviews anyone can google, Trump has many times related how he made this transition from being pro-choice to becoming adamantly pro-life. To call him a hypocrite for this change of heart is a weak and mean argument to keep beating him with.

    Surely VP Mike Pence has indeed been a great influence on President Trump – Deo gratias – but only because Trump values the man and his opinions and so has allowed him to be. He has a mind of his own, but will listen to his valued aides. Yet Trump does not cower down under negative public (i,e., secular) opinion on him: he would never have held up under the current deluge of hatred, criticism and verbal abuse if he did.
    That’s what I meant by calling him “pure grit”! We could do with a few men like Trump among our own sissy European politicians that blow with the wind.

    Those who don’t think being pro-Life is the first and foremost sign that a person holds “family values” have a strange way of reasoning. But besides that, Trump is against same-sex, so-called “marriage”, sick gender theorist ideas, uni-sex bathrooms, and much else. He is also in favour of protecting religious liberty (something that should be a major concern for Catholics) and this can also be seen as another “family value” for all of us who are bringing up children and grandchildren in an increasingly hostile and anti-Christian Western world..

    In the video below in a homily on the Presentation of the Lord last week, a brave priest gives a stirring defence of Prez. Trump. It comes after the 10’30 minute mark approximately.


  22. johnhenrycn says:

    John: God bless you, but your cockamamie analogy of Trump to St Peter is sick making.

    Kathleen: No one says having a 180° change of heart on abortion is impossible, but in Trump’s case, looking at his history which has never included candor, serious reflection or religiosity, we are well advised to be skeptical of his “Come to Jesus” epiphany. He turns on a dime when it’s to his advantage.This is not to say we should abandon all hope that his term in office will – when we have some historical perspective – be seen to have been generally good one, and indeed, I have expressed such a hope on earlier CP&S threads. I’m a Trump skeptic, not a Trump “basher”, unless pointing out his obvious failings makes me one.

    Anyway, I predict we will not see a reversal – in whole or in part – of Roe v. Wade during Trump’s term in office. Pro-life people are pinning their hopes on at least one more SCOTUS appointment as strongly conservative as Neil Gorsuch, even though Gorsuch, baptised and raised a Catholic, has transferred his allegiance to the Episcopalians , and to a very liberal congregation at that. He has never ruled in an abortion case, and during his senate confirmation hearing he referred to Roe v. Wade as “settled law”, which can only mean he’s averse to overturning it, unless he’s being duplicitous.


  23. kathleen says:

    @ JH

    I’m a Trump skeptic, not a Trump “basher”

    I was not really referring to you, JH; you were not using insulting, derogatory language oozing hatred, like that favoured by The Swamp. I suppose that to be sceptical about a politician, any politician – e.g., Neil Gorsuch – is quite normal in today’s world.

    Have you read THIS on CNA today?

    President Donald Trump lauded the importance of faith in American life as a foundation for freedom in his speech at the 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast this morning.

    “Faith is central to American life and to liberty,” Trump began, “Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence. Our currency declares, ‘In God We Trust.’ And we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the Pledge of Allegiance and proclaim we are ‘One Nation Under God.’”

    During his remarks, the president emphasized the interconnection between freedom of religion and a flourishing society.

    “When Americans are able to live by their convictions, to speak openly of their faith, and to teach their children what is right, our families thrive, our communities flourish, and our nation can achieve anything at all.”

    Trump also committed America to the defense of religious freedom worldwide saying “We know that millions of people in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries suffer under repressive and brutal regimes. America stands with all people suffering oppression and religious persecution.”

    “Our rights are not given to us by man, our rights come from our creator,” Trump said…

    All lies? Just a whole lot of insincere sweet talk?
    I don’t think so.
    But that’s what the Trump-haters will say!


  24. The Raven says:

    JH +1


  25. Toad says:

    Is Trump an advocate of religious freedom for Muslims?


  26. kathleen says:


    He [Donald Trump] turns on a dime when it’s to his advantage.

    Yup, that’s just what the Media keeps telling us. But is it true?
    No one knows for sure, but there are plenty of indications that with his many acts of random kindness outside the limelight perhaps, There’s More to Donald Trump Than Just His Celebrity Persona. (And there are plenty more examples.)

    And you’re right about the SCOTUS appointment, Neil Gorsuch…. however, I’m still hoping and praying that he’ll “come up trumps” in the end! 😉


  27. Toad says:

    “come up trumps”
    Nice one, Kathleen. Wish I’s thought of it.
    (You will, Toad – you will.)


  28. The Raven says:


  29. johnhenrycn says:

    Fr Richard Heilman says: “I am not working for the cause for President Trump’s canonization, but I do believe, through the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people of faith, we may have been delivered a Constantine.”

    That was 2 weeks ago. How about we just agree he’s more like Hugh Hefner?

    “An adult film star who has been embroiled in allegations of an affair with President Donald Trump is free to tell her story, her manager has said…Mr Trump’s lawyer confirmed in a statement today he privately paid Ms Daniels $130,000 (£95,000) in 2016.”


  30. John McGovern says:

    To all that are bringing up Trumps sleazy moments . There are a few people in the Bible named Mary Magdalen(prostitution) , Saul who became St Paul( murdered gentiles) and King David another philanderer and more). All these people became very influential to Christendom. Also lets not forget Augustine, another philanderer who fathered a child outside marriage. Lets not forget he is a revered Doctor of the Church. Furthermore didnot Christ say to remove the plank from your eye first?


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